Friday, November 11, 2011


Happy Veteran's Day, everyone.

Thank you to all the servicepeople out there--and their families--who sacrifice so much to make sure we all have the lives we have today. I'm especially thankful for my new brother-in-law, who came home from his undisclosed location just a few days before Jon and I got married and could celebrate with us. He was key in ensuring our outdoor wedding space was decorated properly (with my father-in-law), held us to strict quality-control standards while we were scrambling to get the escort cards together the week before the big day, and he was absolutely tearing it up on the dance floor. Plus, he's an all-around wonderful person.

We love you, Steve.


Anonymous said...

Steve did most of the real work - he's the best.

Madelyn said...

Not to mention he's married to Demanda.

Psychic Pimp said...

Kudos to your bro-in-law, he did a kick ass job. I was very impressed!ox