Thursday, November 10, 2011


Somewhere in July during the flower madness, our friends and family threw us a beautiful wedding shower. Penelope's Press made the invitations--taking the gazebo detail from our invites and making it the focus, and they even put it on the cake.


It was at this little Italian place down the road from my parents' neighborhood that I had never really thought about, but my brother's friend worked there and the food was DELICOUS! Angeli's on Chicago Avenue, people. It's good.

I've been to wedding showers, and played a lot of games, but these guys had me guess Jon's answers to important questions. Easy ones like favorite color (duh, orange); favorite movie (Ocean's 11) or "What would you name your firstborn child?" (something Indian); ones that would be impossible for me to answer such as favorite vacation spot: His answer? " I've never really been on a vacation." How was I supposed to get THAT right? Also biggest fear? His answer: "Horrific knee injury like Napoleon Mccallum." What gives, Jon?

I really blew it when I missed "What is Jon's favorite food?" I said Fettucine Alfredo, and immediately realized the correct answer was peanut butter and grape jelly. And that's a shame because by that point I was practically choking. You see, for every wrong answer I gave, I had to add another piece of full-size grape-flavored chewing gum into my mouth and continually chew it. That makes for very difficult recall.

Jon and I are arguing about what his favorite food really is. Notice the half-empty pack of gum in his hand--the guy couldn't give me more sticks to chew fast enough.

To be fair, we flipped it around and he had to guess my answers. In the end, both of us got eight out of the 20 questions correct. I'm sad it was such a low number, but happy that we got the same score. 

One of the oddest-but-best moments of the day was when Ri asked me to guess what Jon said to the question "When did you know that Cadiz was the one?" I had no idea. His answer: "The second time I had to get on a plane to fly home and I seriously considered not getting on."


Madelyn said...

Cue " awwww" here.

Syar said...

That cake is beauuuutiful!

Also, I really love games like this. I would consider getting to know someone really well for the sole purpose of KILLING IT at games like these.


cadiz12 said...

reminds me of that episode of "Will & Grace" when they absolutely DOMINATE at Taboo.