Saturday, November 19, 2011


Jon's older sister, M, in all her crafty genius, made the decorations for our gift table. All I had said back last year sometime was that I'd love to have some elephants somewhere around the place. She said she'd take care of the gift box.

They're a lot bigger than they look here.

Originally, I believe, they were supposed to be glued to the box, but I think they are way better as a background--that way you can see them both at the same time. The details are really where the awesome is. And everyone knows how much I love details.

Sheer dupatta-like fabric, detailing. little stars.

The gold ribbon helped distinguish them--I love the way it twists and folds over itself.

  Those little elephant-toe mirrors are so Indian.

On A's recommendation, M glued this golden rocky stuff all around the edges. The elephants are now standing sentinel in our room, but I can't manage to keep the stuff from falling off. Unfortunately in the transport back home they got a little bumped around, but they're still beautiful, and obviously made with a lot of love. Thanks, A and M.


Anonymous said...

It should be noted that A was responsible for the gold detailing around the edges of the elephants. She thought they needed something to hide the rough edges of the foam board. I think she was right! I can't wait to see the pics your fabulous photographer took of the elephants and everything else!

Madelyn said...

Beasts are good at making beasts.

Syar said...

These are adorable! Madelyn, you're really good at making animal things!