Friday, November 04, 2011

Invites, part III

I am no stranger to wedding invitation calligraphy, so of course I was going to address all our envelopes myself. We wanted the peacock envelopes, so the lettering had to be white to show up properly. I tried about seven different types of pens, but finally decided the only way to do this was to break out the old pot of ink and calligraphy nibs.

As you can see, that pen nib and I are old friends.

The "studio."

This is likely not even half of them.
After we'd chosen the envelope colors, I'd really had my heart set on the polar bear stamps that had the same kind of green background. Too bad they were from 2009 and the P.O. only had a few left. However, these were an even better match, have pretty floral designs and say LOVE on them. Couldn't have been more perfect.

I think the one with the birds is my favorite.

I almost didn't want to give them to the post office; they looked so nice all together.

I tried to be fancy with the spaced-out zip codes--we had quite a variety of them.

We sent out the wedding invitations two months before the wedding, which some people said might be too early. But we had decided not to do Save the Dates*, so we wanted out of town guests to have time to make arrangements. Unfortunately, about 15 people never received their invites, including Jon's parents (they got another one, obviously). One of my mom's friends got hers one day before the wedding, but of course she had already made other plans. That was really heartbreaking, both because people might have felt slighted and because we had put a lot of love and effort into those invitations. The only thing I can think of that may have hindered the delivery was my calligraphy. Cue the sad trombones.

*I immediately regretted it when I was at a birthday party of a good friend, went to get a frosty beverage from her boyfriend's fridge and saw a wedding announcement magnet staring back at me for another couple with the same date. They wouldn't have been able to come regardless (the boyfriend was in the bridal party), but my friend was sweet enough to attend our ceremony and the reception for the other couple.


Syar said...

Oh wow, I would have gotten frustrated after inking 5, probably. Although I've had my fair share of experience with huge lots of letters and licking envelopes and such, but your patience is admirable!

I'm glad your friend got to make it despite the clash! Hopefully she didn't have to change dresses in the back of a cab all dodgy-like ala 27 Dresses.

Jon said...

You didn't really mention the hell it was getting that list DOWN to the final 260ish. Or what "fun" it was trying to figure out if we had the correct addresses for everyone.

Did you know that every year, Doug Christie and his wife re-enact their wedding on their anniversary? What kind of insane people plan a wedding every year? I'll bet they pay people, but still...

velocibadgergirl said...

These could seriously be in a magazine! You have such. A great eye for color and design :D