Thursday, November 26, 2009

first Thanksgiving

H and I hosted our first Thanksgiving. We had some issues thawing the turkey (in that it didn't thaw all the way, but we had to start cooking it anyhow), but I'm pretty please with the way the bird came out. My mom even said it was good, and she's a tough critic. H made some awesome vegetarian gumbo, my parents brought over some Indian delights and we all sat around in a food coma while H tried out the new Wii games he got for his birthday. Even after helping us so much with making the food, my mom didn't even let us wash a single dish.

Thankful as I am to have a job (with benefits!), I'm not looking forward to getting up early for another long day tomorrow and Saturday, especially with all this tryptophan in my system. But at least this year I don't have any plans to camp out in front of a store wearing half my wardrobe!

I hope you all had a warm and filling Thanksgiving close to people you love.


Syar said...

I'm trying to remember the "half my wardrobe" incident but am drawing a blank. You blogged about it? It sounds awfully familiar. Linkage?

Happy thanksgiving to you, Jon and the family! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! (Late, sorry). Hope it was a good one.

At least you've had time to recover from the inevitable food coma by now.

Anonymous said...

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