Friday, November 27, 2009

"shoe-wearing-agility" is right behind "healthy," "intelligent" and "well-adjusted"

[bending down to untie left gym shoe] "Um, are you forgetting something? You've got your coat on and are carrying all that stuff."

"Oh, you mean my shoes?"

[putting on left gym shoe and tying the laces*] "Yeeesssss; don't you want to put that stuff down?"

"Not necessary. [slips feet into gym shoes without use of hands] I got skills."

[untying right gym shoe] "Oh, well not all of us are blessed with such talent. I can only strive to one day be as good at putting my shoes on as you are."

"You'd better hope for the children."

*One of my early childhood memories is being 3 years old and tying my shoe properly for the first time, by myself, not at home and not under the supervision of my parents. It was a sunny day, and the a.m. pre-school class at Little Shepherd School was going outside to play. I stopped on the single step before the long long sidewalk, bent down and did it all by myself, using the bunny-ear way, not the bunny-goes-around-the-tree-way the other kids did**. I'm told I hated the Velcro fasteners. It was a fabulous day.

**I could have sworn I wrote a post long ago about the little song about the bunny going around the tree that people use to teach their kids to tie their shoes. I cannot find it in my archives. Am I crazy*** or do you guys remember that? Syar? (Btw, I added that link you requested for yesterday's post.)

***I AM NOT CRAZY! Blogger's in-blog search sucks!


Madelyn said...


Syar said...

If a woman can have a "deathly" phobia of cotton balls, I'm sure there are velcro-phobics out there as well. Not that I'm saying you're phobic about velcro, you probably just don't like it for whatever reason.

Tying my own shoes was never a big deal for me because as a kid my mom used to buy me lots of slip ons and yes, velcro fastened shoes. And in Malaysia and summer times elsewhere I mostly wear open toed shoes. So, I do know how to tie my own shoes, but I have an aversion to laces.

Syar said...

PS: Thanks for the link! Now I remember. Look, I even commented first!

cadiz12 said...

i have no problem with Velcro now; i guess my mom said i didn't like the shoes with it back then. i guess i wanted the same type of shoes the adults had, not the "kiddie" version.

Anonymous said...

Velcro shoes that light up when you walk = My favorite ever.

Also, I've never tied my shoes the conventional way. The other kids used to make fun of me. Not really, but they probably would have if they had known.

Anonymous said...

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