Wednesday, July 27, 2005

cameos are like easter eggs

as you guys know, i watch 'Arthur' every day before i go to work. but right afterward, if my ride is running late, i get to catch part of 'The Facts of Life.' somehow i managed to catch the pilot, so now it makes a lot more sense to me than it did in 1987. the show's not as good as 'Arthur,' but it's damn entertaining. [shakes head] that tootie. but jo is still my favorite.

granted, it'd be better if i got to see an entire episode more often than just once every few weeks, but the endings are hardly difficult to predict. besides, i've caught several interesting cameos so far:

Helen Hunt, as a pothead sorority girl
'MacGyver' Richard Dean Anderson, as tootie's aunt's husband
Julie from 'friends' Lauren Tom as a japanese girl
Crispin Glover as a cadet or some ROTC kid

so of course when i was waiting for reports i looked up all the other guests. they had some rising stars over there on 'The Facts of Life.'

'Jan Brady' Eve Plum
Jami Gertz
Jean Smart
Moon Unit Zappa
George Clooney
Penelope Ann Miller
Lela Rochon
Stacey Q
Dick Van Patten
Dennis Haysbert
Richard Grieco
David Spade
'blossom' Mayim Bialik
Seth Green
Juliette Lewis

i know, looking them up ahead of time is going to kill it for me when i do see these people, but then i won't be wracking my brain all day trying to figure out who they are. for once. because you know that's the type of thing than can drive you nuts.


Lou (a.k.a. rainpuddles) said...

"...then i won't be wracking my brain all day trying to figure out who they are. for once. because you know that's the type of thing than can drive you nuts."

I hate when that happens!

I don't think I've ever watched the Facts of Life. What's it about?

Ale said...

i used to LOVE watching mcgayver!!!! i watched it religiously-- i learned so many usefull things- like how to build a plane out of dish water basin... how to make a fire with a bottle opener... good stuff

lucasjackson7 said...

there should be a macguyver convention somewhere. and to get into the convention you have to build something cool out of an old lady's purse.

btw, they nailed the casting down on that show when they got Helen Hunt as the pothead sorority girl and Crispin Glover as a cadet/ROTC kid. i could think of no other actors to replace them in those parts except for maybe Heather Locklear who would probably still look like a youngish 30 then or maybe a young val kilmer for the cadet/ROTC kid. which reminds me, have you seen Real Genius? i love when they blow that guy's house up with popcorn.

kaiyareturns said...

hey have you caught the siamese cats cartoon on channel eleven??!!! i love how they have chinese words interlaced through out the show... sagwa it's called, which actually means "dummy!"
haha ale's bro and mama have watched the show too and ale can sing the intro song (which is in the native language of course) she is SO talented that one!

she sings chinese I sing hindi, you sing spanish... we are confused! hehe

btw i am still irked by the fact that the COSBY show used denise's husband WAY years ago as someone else's friend/boyfriend... i WAS LIKE WAITTTTTTTTTTTT you can't use that dude again!!!!!!!!


Ale said...


Ale said...

and also:


kaiyareturns said...

OMG is that chinese??? The student has surpassed the teacher!

(I can't tell on this computer because all of the html on my uncle's computer is in CHINESE already! believe when i say it's been a challenge navigating on this thing!)

cadiz12 said...

'the facts of life,' in a nutshell is about these four girls who have to live with the cook and work in the cafeteria at a private school because they did something bad in the pilot and almost got kicked out, but the cook, mrs. garrett saved their butts. they're all different, but are forced to live in one room and end up in a love/hate relationship. mrs. garrett also used to be on 'diffrent strokes.'

macgyver is the best. my favorite ep is when he used a chocolate bar to make a bomb. dude, they should have those on dvd. that and knight rider.

yeah, i hate when they don't remember stuff they've already done (i.e. martin coming on as two diff people) don't they read their own scripts?

sagwa is cool. troublemaking cats.
i still remember my chinese phrases. wuh bum pui!

kaiyareturns said...

OMG!! hahah woh the meen juh shu...

macgyver made a bomb out of gum too! they should make a story book out of all the crazy things he made out of nothing.