Tuesday, July 26, 2005

life is in the details -- a running list

this stuff makes me smile:

a coffeeshop that sells sushi -- that isn't even half bad

reluctantly hanging up the phone after six and a half hours only to struggle in trying to remember what the hell we were talking about all that time.

people who stay up late just to have dinner with me

being totally late for a flight, but still being able to make it into the second boarding group.

hooking up a playstation to a vcr to a tv just so i can catch up on this week's 'Lost'

palm trees

a brother who will figure out how to use your technological equipment, set it all up for you and then explain it in layman's terms, while he's home on break

the first snow of winter, blowing around in powdery glory

when a halfass plan brings together three good friends, a funny play, samba in the living room, looking up randoms on friendster, mini shots of rum and cajun corn

new old friends

a smile that makes you forget unpleasant anniversaries

caring about what my friends think of you

when you wake up to the smell of a roasting turkey and realize it's not even thanksgiving.

somebody who stays up with you on the phone till sunrise just to keep you company with a conversation about peanut butter and jelly

when the chef reinvents her recipe because she remembered at the last minute that you don't like bananas

having coffee with the central perk crowd at the old hangout, reminiscing, catching up and making a ruckus among the old people eating their apple cobbler and jell-o. for just a second, you're basking in the glory of the good old days before all the heartbreak and drifting apart.

when you open your bag in the morning to find out a very sweet person has strung up a garland of her precious jasmine blooms before she left just so you could wear them in your hair, smell divine, and constantly think about how lucky you are to have a mother like that.

sitting at the cubicle behind the pole at work so that people have to really look for you, so you don't have to deal with problems until they get very messy.

someone at work bringing you a triple-chocolate cake with your name on it and a gift certificate to the spa, even though you hadn't told anyone it was your birthday.


getting into a snit with your friend and feeling bad all day, only to check your phone and get a message from her about how she wants to hang out with you sans reference to aforementioned snit.

fresh guavas, quartered with just a hint of salt sprinkled on top

the ache you feel in your muscles you didn't think you had, the day after a workout

postcards with inside jokes on them

when your horoscope says a splurge buy will make you happy on a day you had already made plans to go to the mall. then when you see a beautiful jacket, you already have the rationale to buy it.

that person who says aloud what everyone in the room is already thinking


getting correspondence in the mail. (bills and junk don't count)

home movies

the light turning green right as you were getting ready to stop

realizing that there still IS some chocolate ice cream in the freezer after you assumed it was over.

a friend who warns you that if you put too many cds in the last slot of your over-the-visor cd holder, eventually it will become stretched out and you won't be able to make a left turn without your cds splashing all over the place. i would never have thought about that possibility.


radio presets

really-fresh potato chips

waking up in a panic only to realize it's sunday

when someone contacts you for the sole purpose of telling you they miss you

birthday party goody bags

mix tapes

someone remembering what you said in passing and relevantly bringing it up with no agenda

people with no agenda

black-and-blues from pretending to breakdance

a tall, cool cup of milk with a piping hot slice of pie (pizza, that is. that one was for you, omar.)

how the way each person applies lipstick causes the makeup in the tube to form a different shape



omar said...

One would think I'd be happy getting a shout out in a post about things that make you smile. And yet here I sit, with a gross taste in my mouth.

justanothersarah said...

mmmmmm milk and pizza!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Food. Just food :-D

PaintingChef said...

Good list!!! I love the one about lipstick. I've always found that kind of fascinating.

kaiyareturns said...

people taking taking after your life appreciation lists...\

my family is stuffing me to no ends! i love it!

while bubble tea was the biggest thing to come out of taiwan, the next big thing is konjac which tastes like light lemon jello but is actually a great source of fiber originally used by east indians and helps to promote metabolism and digestion.

i had a honey/lemon/aloe konjac slush... it was good!