Tuesday, July 26, 2005

precious moments

tonight i went with my friends to pick up their six-year-old son from the babysitter's house at the end of the evening. their kid is really adorable and i had been looking forward to seeing him, because he'd been visiting far-off relatives for part of the summer and i hadn't seen him in a while.

he hops in his booster seat in the back. he hasn't seen me yet and is busy telling his mom about his new toy. after he gets situated, i lean over from the front seat.

me: hey b! how are ya?

b: CADIZ! are you gonna sleep over?

(i had stayed in his room while he was away, and said i might steal his bed, it was so comfy. i guess he was salty for having missed the sleepover party.)

me: sorry, pal, i can't tonight. besides, where would i sleep now that you're home?

b: don't worry, you can sleep in my bed. i'll sleep on the floor.

me: oh, b, that's so sweet, but i could never do that! i'd stay on the couch.

b's mom: well, b, cadiz can't stay tonight anyway because she has to go to work tomorrow.

me: i know, i'm sorry, b.

b: awww, MAN!

me: (to myself) f-ing work.


FlirtinFelicity said...

Just dropping by to make a comment on your blog. i think that your blogs are cute.. Hope to hear from

cadiz12 said...

OHMYGOD if i'm getting spammed again, i'm going to have to go ballistic on somebody's ass.

no offense, but the last two comments are just a little too generic and the photos/names are too suggestive and they were in succession. i'm already trying to recover from the 'old friend' fiasco from may (www.jugglethis.blogspot.com/2005/05/old-friend.html). dude, the 218 comments do not include the 200 or so i deleted ONE BY ONE.

what a nightmare. i'm hoping it's not starting again.

omar said...

I don't know, cadiz. I checked out their sites, they all seem just fine to me. Seems like two wholesome gals who were just stopping by to say that your blogs are cute.

Re: the post, that's another great story.

Ale said...

now there is a nice normal six year old. a certain one i know has done away with booster seats on his first birthday- and now at six he is about to DRIVE the car-

and he always invites nice young ladies to sleap over... if they're cute- what's up with that??

Guyana-Gyal said...

I miss my nephews. They're so far away, in America. So adorable. And cute. I'm one unbiased aunt.

Modern Viking said...

Yeah, got a little spam there... Well, at least their sites aren't full of useless drivel. Really high quality content they've got.


Good story, by the way. Kid's gonna be a real ladies man if he keeps at it ;)

kaiyareturns said...

ha your story is just like mine of brit and tiff... we can't go anywhere without me sitting in the middle of them, whether that's in the car in a spacious minivan or at the dinner table.

and they've already made their plea of me staying longer... even my aunt and uncle don't want me to leave :) "they really need your help with the piano"

oh and the little one tiff, she goes (cutest voice ever) "do you know i have a dream?" what is it? "my dream is to drive a car"

Lou (a.k.a. rainpuddles) said...

So cute! I can't wait to have a nephew or niece to spoil... and none of my friends have young kids either... it's sooooo much fun when they're other people's children!