Friday, July 08, 2005

note to self: learn to read notes to self

yeah, so i'm on pseudo vacation. i'm staying with a friend in the city, but both of us still have to work. despite the fact that we work opposite shifts, we have managed to have a hell of a lot of fun. (mostly because i come home and keep her up half the night, even though she has to wake up at 7 a.m. and i can snooze till noon. yep, she's definitely good peeps.)

all week i have been looking forward to the weekend. when we'd both be here at the same time. because i! actually! have! some! days! off!

we had big plans. dance workshops. movies. comedy shows. music festivals. pedicures. cool new restaurants. dvds. gossip. my mind was swimming with all the possibilities. ever resourceful, she'd already planned several itineraries, depending on what the mood would be that day.

but i had to go and ruin it.
by looking at my planner.

you got it. i have dungeon duty after all.

but that's okay. it'll make the one day we can hang out even more fun.



heyyougetoffofmyblog said...

I just got out of dungeon duty myself. Fucking dungeon.

omar said...

I will refrain from commenting while I'm on vacation, as I don't want to appear that I'm rubbing it in that I'm on vacation right now. All week, actually. I don't want to mention that. Or rub it in. So no comment from me.

jazz said...

we should try to meet when i'm in chicago. aug 5th -12th...