Sunday, July 24, 2005

on the street and even at the picture show

Eugene Record, original lead man for the Chi-Lites, passed away on Friday. i happened to see it in the paper, more specifically the inside half of the story, the headline of which reads:

Sang lead on
'Have You Seen
Her,' 'Oh Girl'

and for the last two days, my thoughts have had trouble navigating around various strains and snippets of 'have you seen her.' no folks, not the golden-throated Chi-lites version, but the cheesy M.C. Hammer remake, from 'Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em' (which i can proudly say i do not own.) especially persistent is the part where the falsetto guy is singing 'whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ooohhh why... did she have to leave and go away?' and the like-butter speaking part of which i know none of the lyrics but can only remember the intonation of that deep voice. and of course, the bup-bup-bup chorus parts. those are the worst.

who says i don't talk about obituaries?


VespaRosso said...

Thanks for stopping by, Cadiz, and for your comments. I actually just returned from a month-long trip to've reminded me to update my lists! Have a wonderful evening.

Ale said...

i'm googling... :)

Guyana-Gyal said...

That song played A LOT on the radio in Jamaica, the Chi-lites version.

And on the radio here too, so it reminds me of lazy Sundays in J'ca.

cadiz12 said...

okay, this is off the topic, but you know that song 'i only have eyes for you?' i just love that song. esp the bop-she-wop part.

Jon said...

I… uh… um… I have no idea what you’re talking about. But I’m happy to see you’re reading the obits.

Syar said...

I'm going to have the ride the coat tails of the stopping-by-and-has-no-idea-what/who/when/where-this-post-is-about-and-now-has-no-ideas-for-comments blogger.

for me, I like reading obits of chinese people, not that I'm morbid or racist that way, but because I like trying to match the daughter's and sons names to their respective spouses or children in the daughter/son-in-law section and granddaughter/son section. is Low married to Yap and is that other Yap their offspring? its a weird joy.

lucasjackson7 said...

hehe, have you seen sinbad do his version of "have you seen her"? it's the greatest comic ripoff since steve martin ripped it off of andy kaufmann.

nice touch with the flamingos reference.(in an old jewish woman's voice) that song is like buttah.

and while i didn't have the hammer album, i did pimp the silk shirt and the girbaud jeans. hopefully i can burn those pictures before anyone has to bear witness to those 7th grade sockhop photos.

cadiz12 said...

i love reading birth announcements, wedding announcements and obituaries. real people are often much more interesting than characters.

dude, i had m.c. hammer pants. don't ask.

omar said...

I too had hammer pants. I wish I had kept them, as they'd come in handy next weekend for the 80's costume party!