Friday, May 06, 2005

back on the ice

it seems i've served my time in the blog penalty box; blogger has allowed jugglethis to be visible again.

thank you for all of your support during this difficult time. i know, this makes me sound like i have no life, but honestly, i do have to fill the wee hours of the morning with something to do without going completely insane.

but now there's all this pressure. you know, like when you're little and you don't want to share your toy with your little brother. it's not even about playing with it per se, it's just wanting to make sure it's availabe should you feel like it at some point in time. and then after the big altercation and temper tantrum, your mom's like, 'well i don't ever want to see you playing with anything else, missy' and suddenly you're feeling guilty, because you've now spent all that energy; was it even worth it?

this is not really like that, but i do feel like all the bitching i did about how my blog wasn't working warrants me to come up with something really cool to say. and frankly, i'm just not that interesting. but i'm up for the challenge.

don't worry; tonight will be a long night in the dungeon. i won't give up without a fight.


omar said...

Well it's about time they got around to fixing it! Did they give you any explanation?!

cadiz12 said...

who knows. i'm not going to question a good thing. i just feel pathetic for bitching when it was only a couple of days.

Jon said...

Any time something you enjoy is take away from you against your will and you are left powerless, it’s frustrating. I think you reacted how any normal person would. Don’t feel bad about that. Feel bad about the death threats you made, but don’t feel bad about why you felt you had to make them. Anyway, glad to see your back : )

cadiz12 said...

i'm glad to be back. i feel better.

i stand by any death threats. one day i'll tell you about my spotted tongue and how i've used it to curse people.

you may think i'm kidding.

Jon said...

I may, or I may not. Frankly, I’m a loose cannon, you never know what’s going on inside my head… (unless you said, “probably nothing.” In which case, you are absolutely correct.)

kaiyareturns said...

it seems jugglethisreturns.... nice to have you back!