Tuesday, May 24, 2005

no place like mine

my brother came home today. finally free of tubes, ivs and beeping, pulsing, annoying-as-hell monitors.

the first place he headed for was the bathroom. i guess there's something about being on your own throne that makes things a little easier.

my mother on the other hand, a woman who has been sleeping upright at best for two weeks, showering in locker rooms and eating crap cafeteria food or lukewarm takeout, didn't stop to rest. she busted into the kitchen and made a comfort food buffet. only after we'd all eaten did she relax.

for me, very little on this planet beats that feeling of crawling into your own bed after being away for a long time. not to be overly dramatic, but it's a mellow sort of ecstasy.


Ale said...

sure cadiz, its a mellow sort of ecstasy cus you sleep on the 4000 Egyptian threads. :)

welcome back to your bro- does he have to take it easy for a while, or can he just run around?

jazz said...

welcome home!

Psychic Pimp said...

Yay to Highness returning to his kingdom! The household will be back to normal before you know it!

Anonymous said...



Hope your little bhai is all patched up and well.

How are things on your end?

Khoda Hafiz

Jon said...

I can’t sleep anywhere but in my own bed. My body is very temperamental like that. Glad things are going well on the home front though, it’s always nice to have things get back to normal.

Angel #07 said...

Super glad to hear he is back at home!!

cool cat said...

your momma kicks a**

cool cat said...

your momma kicks a**

Andy said...

This reminds me of the saying "You don't know what you've got until you spend time in a cold, sterile hospital with nowhere to sleep, eating food that could double as insulation."

But I'm paraphrasing a little.

omar said...

Good news about your bro!!

I could use a comfort food buffet right about now. Not because anything is wrong, just because I like to eat.

Anonymous said...


Shuffleboard wont do it for me. Badminton is fun and the best is a good game of football. By football I mean the real literal meaning for football where it is played with the foot.

Any other game that calls itself football are played mainly with hands. I do not know how the word ever got used for these games.

A game of golf would be good too.

Cadizji on the desi side : Bring out your cricket bat and ball;-))))

Jon said...

Seriously, has anyone actually played shuffleboard? It’s really a lot more fun than you might think. I would love to know how to play cricket though, that game fascinates me, and I have no concept of how to play it. I would also like to know how to play jai alai, so if anyone wants to leave ridiculously long posts on my blog as to how I might play these games, it would be much appreciated. (I’m not going to address the whole Soccer/Football thing as it will only produce a huge rant. American Football is probably my favorite sport, but I am seriously disappointed with the United States refusal to accept soccer/football as the greatest game in the world, which it is. I played for six years when I was younger and know for a fact how great soccer is, not to mention physically demanding, although not as demanding as motocross, but fairly close… ok, I’m starting to rant…somebody stop me…)

cadiz12 said...

thanks, guys; he's feeling a lot better. yes, my mom does kick some serious ass. and believe me, i take full advantage; i need to take a walk around the block after every meal.

ale: the only time i'll get to sleep like such royalty is when i'm mooching off you in your villa.

andy: that is the damn truth; if people started slathering on a layer of the hospital's mashed potato gravy, the fur industry would go out of business in alaska.

soccer does, indeed, deserve its props in the u.s. but i'm biased b/c my dad used to play and later made me be his assistant coach for my brother's subdivision team.

the extent of my cricket experience consists of the indian movie, 'Lagaan.' (which was excellent despite its length). but i know several enthusiasts who make me just a little bit scared of the sport's powers of mind control.

Anonymous said...


Jon I do find the game of american football more wussy than rugby. God these guys are padded up beyond belief. Watch the maoris of New zealand, the Australians and South Africans play rugby. They do have very little protection but gosh, the amount of injuries are small compared to other contact sports.

Cricket : When you are on the field it is quite fun but the amount of time you have to wait till a batter gets out is an eternity. You would want to be between number 3 and 4 in the batting order. When you are fielding, it is fun but ou can beout there half the day or the whole day depending on the kind of game it is whether it is a test match or a one day game.

Jon said...

I don’t know that I think it’s more wussy just because of the pads. I think they hit a lot harder with the pads on, which is why my dad thinks they should go back to leather helmets to reduce injuries (i.e. the players would be less inclined to spear with the helmet because it would hurt them more too.)

As for Cricket, I was aware that games could last for more than one day and I heard something about how each side bats all the way through (as opposed to baseball where each team alternates every inning) and that there is apparently no “foul” territory, but beyond that, I’m cluless.