Friday, May 20, 2005

savoring it

i just checked my messages and had gotten one from my mother.

it gave me great joy.

this morning she had asked me to cook some motherland food because she's getting tired of hospital cafeteria cuisine and take out. this wouldn't normally be such a daunting challenge, but my mother is sort of a food snob because she, my grandmother and my aunts are all fantabulous chefs.

so i sucked it up and did my best. one item was pretty easy, but also pretty easy to mess up, which i thought i had. the other item was much more tricky and i haven't made it in a long time. i crossed my fingers and handed it over to her, but she didn't taste it till i had already left.

in her message, she ACTUALLY used the words, 'flying colors.'

oh! my! God!

to date, the best compliment i had gotten from her was, 'okay. your family won't starve.'

thank goodness she's been eating crap for two weeks. it probably made my stuff look even better.


Anonymous said...

cadiz, i've been blessed to enjoy your culinary talents, so don't try to pretend that you're anything less than a stellar cook. listen, if momma cadiz isn't satisfied with your food, i'll volunteer to get her leftovers. i am the one who really needs it. i'm sick of eating mac 'n' cheese and eggs (sigh)

Anonymous said...


Can we strike a reciprocal care package agreement as I did with ale too?;-)))

Anonymous said...


Namaste Cadizji. Guess I am busy making the plain chol, daal, saag and fried fish ( god, it sounds so guju even though I am not one ) hehehehe. Allright hope you have a good weekend.

I am actually going to watch a bollywood movie tonight. First one after awhile. Love the song and dance routine.

Love the clothes too.

Need a desi wedding to attend and dress up, have fun. Dont know that many here. Dont forget the quintessential bottle of whisky on each table hehehehe ( mine will be the single malt, not the full blended scotch these guys drink urrrrgggghhhhh )

Andy said...

I'm sure your skills are fine, Cadiz. At least a bit better than toasted cheese sandwiches, or instant noodles... :)

That reminds me... dinner is ready.

Anonymous said...


Hello cadizji, I would say I am in need of good motherland food. Alu pratha with kima, actually biryani and the bombay oberoi with whisky will do me fine hehehehe

Khoda Hafiz

cadiz12 said...

anonymous, you need to stop hanging out with gourmets and realize the gourmet within. i know it's in there -- don't deny it.

akshay, i don't know about all that; i very rarely can cook on command and that makes for very interesting mealtimes, which can include cereal and canned soup or tortilla espanol and biriyani. i'll get back to you when i have a better lock on it.

Anonymous said...


Arrey baba, same here. I have no handle on food, got to get my timings sorted.

I do have the gourmet within except it is with phirang food ( learned over time to impress the larekis hahahahaha )

I got no handle over desi and god, I am deeply embarrased about that.
It is a very sore point within me.