Monday, May 23, 2005

Eri come l’oro…ora sei come loro

i think i blew out one of the speakers in my ride today.

dammit tiziano, you lured me to destruction with your loungy, poppy ways.

update: the kid will most likely come home tomorrow. as of 11 p.m. sunday he was free of all protruding wires, needles and tubes not secured with tape.

and 'old friend' now is up to 208.



Anonymous said...


Hello cadizji:

Ahh the start of a work week, how lovely, I need permanent retirement , sun, sand and perpetual holidays.

Now it is time to fantasize the life of being a house husband, I run my little projects from home and my wife goes out and work.

I will handle raising the kids, have affairs with all the ladies of the garden club ( they must be the younger ones hehehehehe )

Ahh what idle fantasies but sure sounds fun hehehehe.

Khoda Hafiz

Ale said...

yes Akshay, dream on :)
us women already were the smart ones to grab the title looooong ago--

jk- i'm sure you can find a nice girl that will maintain you-- you just have to cook well, organize the cleaning staff to keep the house in order-- make sure the kids are clean and hair brushed upon her arrival from work ...

and cadiz i want pictures of the food--

ok, now i'm dreaming...

Ale said...

oh, and when your brother comes home, smack him up a bit-- maybe he won't want to go back to the hospital and have everyone worry.

Anonymous said...

Ale :

I will cut out the affairs bit and care to join me on that lovely mission or do I have to make enough for a retirement for 4 people hehehehehe

Allright you got to keep pushing me to my 6 month deadline. You got the invite.


I have left you an open invite on ale's blog, please check that one out. As stated, desi boy with plans to make lots more than he is making, ultimate aim, retire by 45.

Khoda Hafiz

Ale said...

retire by 45!!!!!! oh gosh-- if i even THINK about having to work till 45 i can just die right now... i'm trying to retire by 30-
i was planning by 25 but the stupid exchange rate sucks now so it'll take longer...

cadiz- sorry, you have to wait another 5 yrs for that studio--

Jon said...

I don’t really see myself ever retiring once I land that job as a millionaire playboy. What can I say, I’m a bit of a workaholic.

As for the speakers, my friend drives a 2000 Nisan Altima, and she thought she blew out the speakers too, but it turns out she just had too much stuff in her trunk and I believe it was the baby stroller that was just shorting it out and it knocked one of the leads off. I just cleared some space and reattached and through the miracle of modern science, all was restored.

208 today, tomorrow, the world!! Hmm… maybe that doesn’t make sense… but that’s certainly not going to make me change or delete it.

jazz said...

i'm not cool enough to refer to my car as, "my ride." you carry it off though. i'm jealous.

cool cat said...

yay for your sib returning home! boo for your speaker!

and what the hell is the 208 about? yes, curiosity always gets the best of me.

btw, speaking of curious...the txt messages from you-know-who continue...what the h*ll?
the advent of txtmessaging has created cowards i say!
ahem, never mind that i continue to use them on my s...sigh...

hey will we see you on the 10th??? that is the next mtg you know!

cadiz12 said...

akshay: personally, i wish i could get paid to do all the stuff retired people do. i love nearly all of it, though i don't see the appeal of shuffleboard.

ale: i would wait an eternity for that studio.

jasmine: i spend an ungodly amount of time in my car -- especially during the last two weeks. we've grown very attached and i'm just shy of giving it a name.

jon: i think you're right and that i have a loose connection, too. i will definitely take a look back there. the sound has been coming in and out of the front two speakers and i'm afraid that the problem might be inside the front dash or some other hardtoreach place. it's making the driving ambience really damn annoying. i'll have it all the way up just to hear it decently and then the front speaker will kick in and send me into cardiac arrest as i'm trying to merge. it gets me every time.
i can't wait till you are a millionaire playboy; i have a lot of angst i can take out on the track. or badminton court, for that matter.

Jon said...

Shuffleboard is highly underrated. And don’t worry, all race cars will be fitted with premium sound systems for maximum driving enjoyment. Badminton tournaments will take place every day at 3 pm, so don’t forget to sign up.