Wednesday, May 25, 2005

victory for my subconscious vibe

guy in the cubicle across from mine to woman in the cubicle next to mine:

'they bandied about that project idea for, like, 2 days.'


(and no, he doesn't know about jugglethis)


omar said...

And I bet his delivery was perfect. Jerk. I still can't pull it off without sounding like I'm trying to speak with a British accent.

Ale said...

you know at first i didn't like that frase, but now imagining your coworkers use it makes me laugh--
i bet the guy wears checkered shirts, is short, has a boldspot, and wears thick glasses- and the lady is fat, wears long scirts with socks and white sneakers.
not that i think your coworkers are not fashionable, but just these two lets say-

Jon said...

I hope you were doing that finger pyramid thing Monty Burns style in your cubicle with a mischievous grin on your face… Today, cross-cubicle communication… tomorrow, the world!!!

Anonymous said...


Yee haw sounds like a couple of hillbillies who said that. Yikes.

Sad to say we are in the times where the hillbillies rule. Arrrggghhh

Ale said...

Akshay, we like hillbiliies what are you talking about :)

PS cadiz, i'm going to try to use it in a sentense today! maybe when i'm on a bus i'll tell the bus driver to stop "brandying about" and move YOUR ASS!

(hehe i just make your blog NC17)

cadiz12 said...

it was so natural, omar; like you wouldn't believe. i think i was even more impressed because of the delivery. he is a very normal guy with a nice accent. and he is not a hillbilly, people! in fact, i'd bet he'd be quite successful as a latenight 900-number operator. and the woman is very nice, also. geez, folks, just b/c i work in a dungeon doesn't mean all of the people are freaks.

and you KNOW that i was templing my fingers and flicking my eyes back and forth and cackling in my head. MUAHAHAHAAAAHAAAHAHAAAAAA!

next up: getting people to accept my incorrect definition.

hey, if 'nauseous' can become a synonym for 'nauseated' (one of my old pet peeves; if you say i'm nauseous, technically it means you're making other people sick, but now it's acceptable as feeling sick yourself) because of gross misuse, bandy about can evolve, too!

cool cat said...

incorrect definition? how do you use it? like d*** around? that is how i "hear" it in my head too.
speaking of pet peeve words, my advisor here hates when we use "impact" as a verb! is that truly incorrect?

oh and you leave me to wonder what would make someone 900-number successful!
nice voice? great command of vocab? ha ha.

Andy said...

I can't see how the accent has an effect on that phrase.. maybe it's my thick australian accent though.

Jack Safety said...

ive said it a number of times in my life, but i also use 'tomfoolery' on a regular basis...

girlspit said...

I don't see how a straight man can sound all 900-numbery when he says, "bandy about." That's almost as manly as "whoopsy-daisy!"

Although, I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Speaking as representative of hillbillies everywhere, I must say that "bandy about" is not one of our common phrases.

Sure, one might say, "Dang, that dog is quick like a duck on a june bug," or the ever-popular, "that's cuter than a speckled pup laying under a blue wagon."

The hillbilly translation of "bandy about" would have to be "slower than a three-legged turtle."

omar said...

Oh, my wife gets mad about nauseous/nauseated. I mess it up all the time, and she corrects me all the time. So now I just say "I feel like I'm gonna puke" instead.

cadiz12 said...

the only reason it worked so well is because he does have a southern accent (i was a little freaked out you guys called him a hillbilly without knowing that. but he is not one.) that coupled with a voice deep enough that because you're lulled by the purr. (i'm a sucker for an accent; andy, i'm pretty sure i wouldn't comprehend anything you'd say because i'd be so distracted.) but i don't think even this guy could get away with whoops-a-daisy.

bandy about is supposed to be used to mean discuss something or play around with an idea, but i use it in the incorrect way of wasting time. it's part of my diabolical scheme to degrade the english language even further.

sorry, cool cat, impact as a verb is a biggie. the argument is that it's politicospeak. if there's no physical crashing, why not replace it with something that describes how it affects the thing like detrimental or beneficial or something? at least that's what i've heard.

omar, you married a wise woman. most people think i'm being annoying if i mentioned the nauseous/ated thing. either way, 'i'm gonna puke' paints a better picture.

Anonymous said...

More on bandy!

As seen on E! online:

But the mag has juicier rumors to bandy, suggesting that producers of Lohan's upcoming Herbie: Fully Loaded spent more than $1 million to "digitally reduce her bust size and raise her costumes' necklines after mothers at test screenings complained about...Lohan's too ample bosom."