Saturday, November 22, 2008

feelin froggy

Ok, so while it was my last "official" day at the office yesterday (the boss is hoping we get enough biz to bring me back in January), I have taken on the equivalent of two fulltime jobs in temporary freelance projects, which are all due at roughly the same time and keeping me EXTREMELY busy.

So if you've been trying to reach/hang out with me lately, I'm not avoiding you (email/text message is best.). I've just been pulling more all-nighters than I have since college. Working from home is rough—you can't turn it off and you feel guilty if you take time to watch The Colbert Report during nonmeal times when you could be working. On top of it, the laundry/housework is sitting there mocking you, and you need to remind yourself to take a shower. I do NOT know how cc does this fulltime.

I am plugging away at these projects (which will likely dry up at a moment's notice) hoping to squeeze in some time to find a permanent job, and after all that is taken care of I plan to regain my sanity. Until then, I check email/blog in spurts, so forgive me if my posts/comments haven't been making sense (thank God for guest posters!).

On a completely unrelated tangent, when I heard that Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz named their kid "Bronx Mowgli," I immediately thought about how "Mowgli" isn't even an Indian word (like Baloo, Bagheera, etc.). Rudyard Kipling made it up. I heard somewhere it's supposed to mean "frog." What's wrong with the Hindi word for frog, "Mandek" (maen-duck)?

Here's how people say "frog" in several languages.

Sorry, tangent over. Back to work!


Alexandra said...

as i was saying, we need to institute a license system!! if you want to have a baby, first you must study for, pass a test, and then you get a license! there are way too many idiots out there having babies.

zinta said...

The mowgli name made it to our Nepali newspapers as well ...Mandek sounds good to me..

Hey good luck with the work situation, and hope you find sanity soon...and try not to worry too much about laundry soon as you get rid of one pile, another emerges...

SupaCoo said...

Ugh. Good luck with the work situation. I'm selfishly enjoying NaBloPoMo so I can read you every day, as opposed to Dec. 1 when you go in hiding for a few weeks (and with good reason!).

Anonymous said...

Staying busy is a good thing.

You have a lot of options: look for a job, look for freelance work or help your boss find a new client for the company.

If it wasn't so scary, I bet it would be exciting.

Sphincter said...

Good luck with all your work craziness. I, too, have been selfishly enjoying your daily posts. You are a trooper!

naechstehaltestelle said...

Pulling all nighters? You are one brave cookie. I couldn't even stay up until 3 am on the night of the election. But I'm sure things will work out with jobs very soon.

Bronx Mowgli is the worst name ever.

Noelle said...

Of all the boroughs to use as a kid's name, why would you choose the one that contains the world's worst highway, the Cross Bronx? Just thinking about it gives me shivers.