Wednesday, November 26, 2008

just don't ask me what day it is

So this week has been busy. Like hella busy. Monday night I worked all day, pulled an allnighter, and the next day (yesterday) worked for another ten hours in the office. I still had another file to finish up at home, and would need to come back into the office in the morning (today). Needless to say, by the time I got to the condo last night I was basically tottering around like a zombie. H made some fabulous lemon chicken, and after I ate and spent some time complaining to cc on the phone, I took 20 minutes to watch a re-run of The Colbert Report.

And then I was struck with a great idea.

What if I just went to bed then (10 p.m.) and woke up early to do my file before I had to get to the office? EUREKA! So I set the alarms, crawled into bed and nodded off.

The problem with these "great ideas" is that I always overlook my own natural tendencies when coming up with them. It was a great plan in theory, but this is what actually happened:
a) I was paranoid about oversleeping, so at first I kept waking up every 45 minutes to look at the clock. But I was so out of it that I often couldn't comprehend what the clock was saying.

b) At about 2 a.m. I probably had a dream that I'd overslept, so I bolted out of bed and into the bathroom, frantically getting ready. I was about to wash my face when I realized it was 2 a.m. I went back to bed.

c) When the alarm did in fact ring, I didn't even hear it, even though I went nearly to the other side of the room to hit the snooze button in my sleep.

d) Around the time I needed to get out of of bed (for real) I dreamt that I was misreading the clock and it was too early to get up (basically a replay of what had already happened). I rolled over and slept some more.

e) When I finally hauled myself out of bed, late, I took way too long getting ready.

f) I started working on the file, but then got distracted by realizing I didn't have a post for today.
And here we are. I think I can still finish this file, but it's going to take some serious concentration.

For those of you who think I'm insane, I am. And if you're wondering why I'm doing this to myself, it's because 1) This particular company is under a psychotic set of deadlines that are coming up fast, which is why there's so much to do. 2) After that deadline (mid-December) there may be no more projects at all. 3) The property tax bill needs to be paid. 4) I don't have a job.

Normally I get a rush from tight deadlines and projects, but this one is borderline insanity. I'm fully aware of this fact, and hope that my karmic redemption will be worth it.

Next month I'll be complaining about having nothing to do.


Lia said...

You're not insane. That whole A-F sequence makes perfect sense. And your commitment to your commitments is laudible.

I hope you get some sleep tomorrow. Sleep and turkey. Even if it's vegetarian turkey.

Anonymous said...

Its like that Seinfeld episode where Jerry has to get that Kenyan marathon runner to the race on time.

Madelyn said...

You're situation reminds me of being in school. I used to let myself go to sleep thinking I could just wake up early and study for the test . . . but then when my alarm would go off I would convince myself that I could sleep just a little bit longer, until I got up at the same time I usually do just to make it to class on time.

Anyway, it's almost over.

Also, why the hell didn't this H character wake you up?

Sphincter said...

Anytime I absolutely have to get up at a certain time or the world will end, I have nights like the one you described. I get so freaked out that I'll oversleep, that I don't sleep at all. And then I'm such a tired mofo that I fall asleep hard an hour before the alarm rings. It sucks. Sorry to hear you went through it.

cadiz12 said...

thanks guys. yeah, it was pretty crazy. i brought home some more files, but they're not due until MONDAY!!! HOORAY!!!

oh HECK YEAH i'm going to sleep and eat turkey and all the extra stuff i'm sure my mom will make despite my requests to keep it low-key.

it's totally like that episode. i felt so bad for that poor marathoner guy.

Madelyn, H did try to wake me up. but i'm not easily negotiated with when i'm dead asleep. i feel bad, the poor guy was up like 2 and a half hours before he needed to be and hten i took so long snoozing/shampooing my hair that he ended up getting ready at the same time he always does.

yeah, that i'm-going-to-oversleep panic sucks, doesn't it?

Teej said...

Oh no! At least tomorrow is sleep-in day. And eat-food day.

I laughed when I read the comment about the Seinfeld episode. I totally thought of that. "No, mahn, it wasn't the a.m./p.m.!"

omar said...

What about getting one of those puzzle alarm clocks?