Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the first thanksgiving

"So, this is our first Thanksgiving with H. I'm going to make a pie for him."

"That's so sweet. I think he'll like that."

"What else do you think he'd like to eat? How about appetizers?"

"You know mom, it's just going to be the four of us because [my brother]'s not coming home. And Dad has his no-meat-on-Thursdays fast, so don't cook enough to feed forty people like you usually do, because there just aren't very many of us to eat it this year."

"Okay, okay. No samosas, then. I have another question. Do I have to get dressed up?"

"No, why?"

"Does his family get dressed up for Thanksgiving?"

"Hang on, I'll ask...Yes, mother, he said his family dresses up in their finest Pilgrim-wear every year."

"THEY DO? Oh no, I don't even know what that is!"

"Don't worry mom, you can just dress like an Indian."


"I'm KIDDING, ma. Just dress as you always do--you're Indian every day."

"I think all that working has made you crazy, Cadiz."

"I learned from the best."


Lia said...

I love your mom, Cadiz.

So what is traditional Indian food for Thanksgiving? Is there such a thing? Is there a special way to make the turkey?

omar said...

I think it would be hilarious if he showed up dressed like a pilgrim.

Sabina said...

You crack me up. Just wanted to drop a line to wish you Happy Thanksgiving. I'm still reading. And kudos on your job w/ NaBloPoMo. I think I lasted less than a week!

Becky said...

he's gotta at least wear the funny buckle-hat and carry a musket. your mom would die!

SupaCoo said...

Definitely a pilgrim for him, and Sacagawea for you. (I wonder if I spelled that right...)

Eclectic Bride said...

Dress like an Indian? You should crash our party. There will be like a hundred people there...seriously. well maybe like 50. I think we split into two parties. I have three dinners in one day. UGH. When are you heading out to your parents????

Noelle said...

That's funny. And now I want to add Samosas to our vegetarian thanksgiving, but for the fact that I haven't the foggiest idea of how to make them, and definitely not how to make them as tasty as the ones I've had in the past.

Anonymous said...

Just make sure there's cranberry sauce, the canned kind . . . where you can still see the marks from the can . . . that's all you need to impress him.

You're Welcome.

Anonymous said...

No meat on Thursdays? Why Thursday?
Your mom sounds so cute!

cadiz12 said...

if there's some way i could secretly record her, my mom would give me SO MANY phenomenal audio posts. (Her recap of a recent trip to a casino with her friends was especially hilarious.) Seriously, that woman cracks me up every day.

i'm going to give all your attire suggestions to H. Jazz even sent me this link for inspiration.

E.B., i have no idea when we'll show up in suburbia, probably sometime around 10 a.m. Most likely i'm going to shove H into the kitchen to cook with my mom and then go pass out on the couch.

noelle, a crispier samosa trick is to skip the bready dough and just wrap them in wonton/eggroll wrappers. they're less authentic, but a LOT easier.

anon 1: thanks! my dad prefers that to the authentic cranberry sauce, too.

anon 2: no idea. but believe me, he'll make up for it on friday.

cadiz12 said...

oops. forgot the link