Sunday, November 30, 2008

looks like we made it

Ah, the last day of my third year participating in NaBloPoMo. It got kind of rough there for a few weeks, but you guys stepped up and helped me through it. A very big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who offered and wrote guest posts for me this month. I could never have done it without you guys!

In case you missed them:

Angel07 described what it's like on jury duty on the 7th
The Psychic Pimp asked about living with a boy on the 11th
My brother considered breaking up with the Chicago Cubs on the 12th
H followed up with his take on baseball prognosticating on the 13th
Alexandra got the religious take on guilt on the 21st

and Mr. Toast submitted a lovely post that I didn't get around to putting up. I'm going to keep that one in the bank for later.

On the 9th, I posted a big long list of things I did the night before a big deadline, including rolling up each extra plastic bag in the kitchen pantry for easy removal. The ever-intrepid Syar sent me an email explaining her triangle-folding method, which my brain was too fried to comprehend, so she whipped up this handy diagram. In like two minutes! She's got mad skills.

I kind of got used to posting every day. While I can't promise I'll continue, I will probably be posting more frequently in the coming days, as I procrastinate on these projects, and I'll likely be
having a lot more to say when I don't have much to do but try and find a job. Stay tuned!


Alexandra said...

um you want me to make something???
like with my hands? is it gonna hurt???


omar said...

Congrats on making it the whole month, especially with all the work stuff you had going on! My fave was the audio post.

Sorry I haven't been able to keep pace with my commenting, though.

Sphincter said...

Congrats on another successful NaBloPoMo!

Syar said...

Haha, how amusing to see this up on your blog. Congrats on completing this year's NaBloPoMo! I really really hope that I get to do one soon. Maybe next year, hopefully. :)

weebug said...

Hey, congrats on making it through!

Lia said...

Good job on finishing! I'm proud.

naechstehaltestelle said...

We did it baby, woot!

SupaCoo said...

Ok, I still need a diagram for your madd duvet-cover-putting-onner-skills. I have not been able to figure that out. After you left the comment I tried twice and ended up crying in a helpless heap afterwards.

Jon said...

You're better than I am. I only made it a few days. Of course, I never officially declared, so I'm still in the clear.

rye said...

I'm a little late on this, but congrats on three years!!