Friday, November 14, 2008

it's all in the stars

I'm pretty superstitious, but no devotee to astrologists. However, I do like to check my horoscope from time to time, especially when things get rough. Sometimes this particular woman's predictions for Leo seem specifically written about what's going in my life in such an uncanny way that I send them to my friends, who often agree with me about how weird the coincidences are.

These days there's a lot of uncertainty--what with the job and housing situation sort of tenuous--so I thought I'd check to see what Bridgett says is in store for me this month:
For November 2008: You finally can relax, even if it's just the calm before the storm. Your instincts were right, your hard work produced better than projected results, and last but not least, others absolutely love you, baby! So even if your celebration is brief this month (there's so much work to do!), it's glorious, victorious and feels like the party of the century. Congratulations, Leo!! Job well done. Next step is to line up the best and brightest cohorts to assist you in getting things organized and underway. Use your judgment when selecting friends, advisors and experts. It appears that you've already got a superb core team to rely on but may need additional people because of gargantuan tasks ahead. In the future, people will extol your accomplishments and refer to you and your team as miraculous - something to remember when you're herding and repurposing a number of overfed sacred cows. The mood and lexicon of friends, family and general gossip about you changes dramatically, beginning on the 4th and accelerating on the 5th. This flurry of energy, curiosity and hero-worship continues throughout the month. You'll have about five fabulous minutes to party hard - and the rest is all about bracing for a prodigious amount of work and responsibility. You're more than up to the challenge, FYI. A feeling of coming together and building a far better mousetrap (on a grand scale) occurs around the 13th. People you've asked to join you in a challenging but worthwhile endeavor unanimously say YES on or before the 13th. More good news arrives on the 21st, 23rd and 25th. Holiday or not, you're still focused on the hard work ahead on the 27th and examine various strategies that not only get the desired results but also conserve money and other resources. You end the month feeling on top of the world - because you are! Monthly touchstone: Paraiba Tourmaline.

Dude, Bridgett is way off her game. While I have been working hard lately, no one is going to be hero-worshiping me anytime soon, and I doubt I'll be on top of the world around the time I'm out of a job... Wait a second. Does this horoscope coincide with what's going on for somebody else I know of? A certain President-Elect, perhaps? "...job well done..." "...November 4-5..." "
...bracing for a prodigious amount of work..." "...people...say YES..."?!?

Turns out,
Barack Obama's birthday is August 4, making him a Leo, too. I guess I'll have to check back another time to see a horoscope a little more tailor-made to my own life. But for right now, I don't mind sharing with the soon-to-be leader of the country. I could really use his help in the very near future.


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SupaCoo said...

Ok, I don't think about astrology very often, and only remember to check my horoscope when I'm sitting under the dryer at the hair salon thumbing through Cosmo. But this VERY morning on my way in to work, I was wondering precisely about when Obama's birthday is, because I was curious what sign he is. Bizzzzare.

Alexandra said...

just keep reading the other horoscopes until you find the one that you like best! and use it as your own ;)

you do know they're just randomly computer generated right? they write up a bunch of them and then let the computer shuffel them around so that each sign always gets a different one without repeating.

naechstehaltestelle said...

? Hmm...I thought I left a comment...but it didn't show up. Or it was stupid and the blog gods just rejected it.

Sphincter said...

Maybe you are receiving messages FOR Obama? You should seek a cabinet position immediately. There's a few slots left, I understand.

jinius said...

that's funny. i share the same sign as hillary clinton.