Sunday, November 02, 2008

oh how i love falling back in time

Fall daylight saving's time: The only day of the year when you can expect me to arrive anywhere EARLY.


Jon said...

I don't really enjoy daylight savings time until Monday morning when I really do feel like I get to sleep in for that extra hour.

I think a person could make a fairly convincing argument that we should do the fall back/ spring forward thing every month. Who doesn't like changing their clocks that much?

Of course, now I have to walk home from work in the dark... I don't know if that's relevant to anyone, but I said it anyway.

omar said...

I used to like it, until I had kids. But now it means that I have to look forward to a few days of them waking up at 5:15. [shudder]

Madelyn said...

I feel this post could have been fit into twitter, and therefore consider it cheating.

cadiz12 said...

This morning (monday) I woke up a full hour before I was supposed to and just laid there because I was too lazy to get up and be productive. but I did manage to get some laundry done and still got to work pretty early.

Madelyn, I agree that post could have fit onto a twitter update, but it is not the shortest post i've ever written.

brevity and conciseness are a lost art.