Monday, November 01, 2010

it's the time of the season

I'm coming out of hibernation for NaBloPoMo again, folks. I wish I had great excuses for why I don't post more often, but my free time happens to occur in the morning, which is when I do my very best sleeping. It is what it is.

Anyway, I'm not one to break a 5-year streak, so there will be something up here every day. Here's a little recap of what's been going on the last few months, for those of you playing along at home:

  • In June the condo was [insert angels singing here] sold, after 2 years and four months on the market. I don't know how she did it, but even though it almost fell through a couple of times (apparently the renter/owner ratio was hovering at dangerous levels--something the association has now decided to deal with by trying to get people to vote on not allowing anyone else to rent out their units) my realtor made it happen. 
  • J got a new job out in suburbia. I work evenings, he works mornings, and though we see each other once a week, at least we're not separated by 30 miles anymore!
  • We flew out to Cali and drove his car back (I can sort of drive manual transmission now).
  • We're saving for a wedding that may happen sometime in 2011.
And that's about it. A lot of people I know just had/will be having babies, so I've been busy making stuff. I love babies!

Let the monthlong posting begin!


Jon said...

Ah November! That exciting time of year when the Cadiz wakes from her slumber to "write a blog" about stuff every day.

Hey, maybe I'll just do inside jokes in all of my comments! Won't that make me annoying?

Sphincter said...

I'm out of blog hibernation, too. All of the best people are. Welcome back.

SupaCoo said...

Woohoo for a break from hibernation! :) GO US!

Anonymous said...

I'll be dead before I make it through 5 years of NaBloPoMo. But good luck to you in making it one more!

Librarian Girl said...


Syar said...

When I was reading the three comments on my blog from you, Jon and Cofo I literally went "Awww, I've missed you guys!" Because I have! Yay for November! Yay for Cadiz blogging again!