Thursday, November 04, 2010

nightmare: the only guaranteed way to get me out of bed in the morning

I had a horrible nightmare this morning. I spent 20 minutes here describing it in detail, but I've deleted that to spare you further opportunity to think I'm a freak. So I'll gloss over the gory parts and say I dreamed about two unknown people coming into my place of business for a shooting spree, cornering me and threatening to shoot in several places (including under my chin) and then being distracted by a very unfortunate nurse. She was eventually dispatched, and what woke me up was seeing/feeling her demise.

Very upsetting, I know. And of course I couldn't go back to sleep, so I hopped on the computer to figure out what it means. Here is what had to say:

Killing: To dream of being a witness to a killing portends a change that will not be entirely to your liking. 
Guns: Whether you saw it, heard it or used it, any type of gun featured in your dream forecasts an injustice, either to you or to someone in your close circle, that you will have to fight hard to overcome.
Blood: Be prepared for a period of hard work against hostile forces if you saw blood in your dream.
Death: To dream of a death often signifies news of a birth.
Fear: As a general guide: If you conquered the cause of your dreamed fear and/or the sensation disappeared during the dream, the forecast is that you will overcome your difficulties; however, if the feeling persisted and/or the cause was indefinable, you should expect to have to cope with problems arising from the deceit or dishonesty of someone you trusted.
Threat: You are being strongly warned against gambling or speculation if your dream featured any form of threat or threatening atmosphere.

I haven't had one of these types of scary dreams in a long time. I think I'm good for a long while.


Syar said...

I hate being that person, but let me share a dream with you as a response! I once dreamt that my dad tried to kill me. He was half-apologetic about it, and I went with it because he's my dad. He sat next to me, put his hand on my back and poised a kitchen knife right above my heart. In the dream I was wearing this dusty blue old ratty hoodie I have in real life. It actually stopped my dad from killing me! It turned into some sort of armor and all my dad could do was scratch on the surface of the hoodie (which was fabric but suddenly not - dream fabric). So yeah. Dreams. Trippy stuff!

Yours sounds way more scary and stressful. Have you been stressed lately? I find that's when the really bad dreams come.

Guyana-Gyal said...

It's funny how all dreams are universal...many people have the same kinds of dreams though dreams are supposed to reflect the life / thoughts of the dreamer.

Phew, Syar, that's some terrible dream, yoikes.

So now you see, you ain't [that] weird, Cadiz :-D

Anonymous said...

Dreams portend nothing - they are a way for the subconscious to work out conflicts.

Anonymous said...

Actually, there are two major hypotheses or theories about why people dream. One is based in Freudian psychoanalytic theory. According to this theory, our dreams tap into our unconscious and, if remembered, can tell us something about our unconscious fears and desires. The other (empirically based) theory is called the activation synthesis hypothesis. According to this theory, dreams are the brain's way of interpreting the random neural firing that occurs during REM sleep. Often, things that happened during the day or things we saw on TV show up in dreams, but there's no meaning behind it. I prefer this theory, not only because I am an ant-freudian behaviorist, but because it relieves me of the fear that other theories seem to thrive on. If theories thrive on things. I guess it's more the theorists that thrive on fear, but you get the idea.

Anonymous said...

That should be anti-freudian behaviorist, not ANT-freudian

Sphincter said...

GAH! How awful!

One time when I was a kid, I dreamed that Mr. French from Family Affair killed my dad and put him in a soup. I wish I could forget about it! I'm still scarred.

cadiz12 said...

syar, that beats even the dream I once had that I was a 5o-year-old white dude who had killed his mom and was attempting to kill himself. I'm not particularly stressed, unless you consider that j and i are just dipping our toes into the ocean of wedding planning.

it makes me feel A LOT better, gg!

anon #1: maybe i have to have scarier dreams, because i never wake up feeling like i have any answers or solutions to life's issues.

anon #2/3: I am with you. as superstitious as I am, generally fear-based anything isn't something I enjoy. especially movies, which is why it's especially weird for me to have such violent (suggested, didn't actually see it) dreams.

Sphincter: eek, soup? what's up with the scary dad dreams?