Saturday, November 27, 2010

tradition, modified

For years, my high school friends gathered at an all-night diner every Thanksgiving night after all the turkey was put away into Tupperware and all the parents had gone to bed. Around midnight. The last few turkey days, however, the tradition has fallen by the wayside due to excessive age + tryptophan. So around 9 p.m. the text messages would start with apologies about it being late and various members of the group being tired.

This year was much the same, so we decided to cancel. I set up in the middle of the floor with this bridesmaid dress I was taking up for a friend, sort of freaking out because when I was pinning it on the person I was unaware there was a slight train on the back. Then my phone buzzed.

MFM was sitting at the diner wondering where everybody was. She had originally said she couldn't make it, but then decided to sneak out and hang with us. So I changed out of my pajamas and headed out there.

It was a much-needed break. I had been agonizing over whether to cut the dress or somehow pleat the hem on the underside. I couldn't bring myself to snip it. But MFM tiptoed into the house with me and gave me the encouragement to make the cut. And everything was great. The dress looked awesome when we shot the wedding today, and my friend was happy.

Of course, Highcon is only in town for the weekend, so a few of us got together at a bar after the wedding. It's not the same as Thanksgiving, but it's always great to see them.


Madelyn said...

That's a cool tradition, but aren't you still full at midnight?

Anonymous said...

That sounds like fun! I think I'm going to have to try convincing my friends to do that next thanksgiving.

cadiz12 said...

yes, we're still full, so most of us get coffee. i generally get hot chocolate. some people eat early so they get pie.

it's an awesome tradition, because most of our families still live in the same area so you know people will be home, and there's usually no family obligations that late.

Guyana-Gyal said...

You are so lucky, Cadiz, to have your friends all together. Try to keep the tradition going no matter what age you are, what other tasks you have. When I read the blogs of women in their 70's-80's, I see how wonderful old, long lasting friendships can be. My friends are all living in other countries.