Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my chompers were JUST FINE before this guy got to work

More than three weeks ago, I went to the dentist. Because of the insurance situation (when I was freelancing, I had none), and because I am a little insane, I hadn't gone since December 2008. So of course the dentist managed to dig up a few cavities.

This was disappointing to me because a) I am a very religious brusher (and as of late, regular flosser) and b) Up until now I'd only had one cavity, which I got when I was 26. I figured that was because I inherited my father's family's awesome, awesome (both in size and pearliness) teeth, but my mother recently informed me that she'd always had our teeth capped to protect them from all that dang sweet-eating (another trait I inherited from my pops).

So I was bummed about the cavities. DDS Novocained me up and fired up the drill. And I could tell he was being thorough. I didn't think much about it--mostly because I was really numbed up and kept slapping myself in the jaw to check if I was still numb. Later on that day, it felt kind of weird. So I went back on my lunch hour to get my fillings taken down a little to even out my bite. Unfortunately, in the following two weeks I had a serious and near-constant toothache. I was popping Advil like Pez.

I went back to DDS and he said "90% of pain after fillings is due to them being too high." So he whittled them down a little more. My bite felt much better. I mentioned that I grind my teeth at night, and he said that may be aggravating the situation, so he told me to get some Sensodyne toothpaste and a night guard. On my way out, he casually mentioned something about root canals. I would say what, but I have blocked that sentence right out of my memory.

So here we are, 22 days after these fillings and I've swapped toothpaste and added this ridiculous night guard to my daily toothcare regimen. At first, my jaw was sore from the weirdness of this foreign thing in my mouth, but I was told that is normal. Then it was fine. But THEN this morning I had some cold yogurt and the toothache is back!!!

Is this the usual case with fillings? I don't recall that last one being like this. Am I just paranoid? Please, Good People Of The Internet tell me this is going to go away. Because, now that I think of it, an unrelenting ache coming from deep within her jaw can really make a girl CRANKY.


Anonymous said...

My husband had something like that happen to him for about a month, I believe. The dentist told him that it was fairly common and that it would go away.

And now I'll one-up you. (As Brian Reagan would say, I'm going to be a me monster for a while).

At least your dentist didn't talk you into purchasing a $300 night guard that wasn't covered by insurance and that makes you drool all over yourself for the first 3 or so months while "you get used to it" being in your mouth. I would wake up with wet spots on my pillow and sometimes I'd be woken up by the large quantities of drool running down my face. Also, it is fitted to my mouth, so when I went in to have it made I had to sit in a dentist's chair with a pink silly-putty like substance shoved into every grove of my upper jaw for 3 minutes. Which wouldn't be so bad, except it tasted horrible, I kept swallowing little pieces of it, and I was gagging the WHOLE TIME. The hygienist there had to distract me by having me shake my right foot and then my left, and then my right hand and left hand and I kept getting my left and right mixed up. So, all in all, it was a humiliating experience that I paid $300 for. And it is just NOW that my body knows how to keep me from drooling too much. This happened last December.

I hope it gets better for you. As my husband would say, "go back to that dentist and demand satisfaction!"

Anonymous said...

I can't help you with your toothache unfortunately, but if it makes you feel any better, I can agree that going to the dentist is no fun. No fun at all.

Anonymous said...

No, it's not normal. I've had plenty of fillings and no lingering effects after 2-3 days. Sorry! :(

Guyana-Gyal said...

Maybe it really is nothing much. Call the dentist, ask him.

But I know that worry. Like nothing...NOTHING...will feel right until *that* problem is resolved.

Madelyn said...

I'm with Sarahmk, I don't think that's normal. Sorry.

Jon said...

Anonymous and I paid for the humiliation. And I never tried to get used to the night guard. I still have it though. Of course, you know all of this already. I'm just giving background info to your readers.

I can attest to the crankiness creation that this DDS visit has caused. And it really sucks because you are borderline insane when it comes to brushing your teeth.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, teeth might be the worst designed part of the human body. You need them to eat and sustain life, yet without meticulous and constant cleaning and care, the will turn on you and make your life a living hell.

cadiz12 said...

Anon/jon: I'm so sorry you guys had to pay so much. i got mine from Walgreens and it's adjustable (no boil) and doesn't fit over all your teeth (hence no drool problem). $300 for something no one can stand seems like a money-making scheme to me. Anon, i'm hoping it goes away like your husband's!

Cofo: you are so right.

sarahmk and madelyn: nuts!

GG: it's true, when you're aching like that, it's impossible to concentrate on anything else. i couldn't fall asleep for more than an hour last night and it kept waking me up!

Jon: yes, i think teeth were only designed to last like 30 years. in which case, i'd better get to capping mine again.