Wednesday, November 24, 2010

rockstar--rocking that Prius

So I went to a newer branch of my bank the other day, and to my surprise, next to the spaces allotted for the disabled, there were a few other very close specifically designated spots:

 See? We're talking about right up next to the door.

It says, "Reserved for Low Emitting/Fuel Efficient Vehicles."

Am I the only one who hasn't seen this before? 

P.S. If you're traveling for the holiday, please be careful.


Madelyn said...

What? Like Hybrids? Never seen that before.

Syar said...

That's nice, but I reckon it would also piss a lot of people off? Not me, because yay the environment but usually people who have gross cars that pollute everything are assholes so they would not like seeing the "hippies" get this privilege. So maybe that makes this even nicer.

cadiz12 said...

i think it's a great idea. then the holdouts have one more reason to watch the emissions from their cars.

Guyana-Gyal said...

That space would be permanently empty here. Man, the thick smoke I see coming from anything rolling on wheels!

Jon said...

If I read that correctly, it's also a really large bicycle space.


cc said...

A grocery store up the road from me has similar signs.