Tuesday, November 09, 2010

nearly rotten

So today I walk into my office and my mom has left me some orange juice and a bagel, prepared just the way I like it, on my desk. She knew I had to get up at the crack of dawn to do a side job for several hours before my shift started, all the while fasting for 12 hours because in between I had a blood test (to get 20$ off my health insurance every month). That woman is so good to me.

Later, she stopped by to say hello and I asked if she could pick something up for me because my work hours wouldn't allow me to make it. My coworker began lecturing my mother about "cutting the umbilical." I didn't appreciate this. Because--while I AM very blessed--I do my best to try and reciprocate, a lot of which that coworker does not see. But it really got me thinking about how I am kind of spoiled.

To make matters worse/even better, today was a gorgeous 68-degree F day here in Illinois. For mid-November, that's remarkable to say the least. After working ten hours on his feet since the crack of dawn, my fiance swung by my workplace to grab my car, change the oil (and we're not talking about just taking it to JiffyLube, either), bring the car back, and put it in a kickass parking spot so I didn't have to walk near the forest at the end of the night. He's had a headache for three days that won't go away and I know he didn't have the best day at work, but he made time to come by, even though I was busy and couldn't come out with the key for nearly 20 minutes. Jon is THE best.

Yes, I realize how lucky I am. And I thank the heavens for how good I've got it every single day.


Syar said...

I honestly thought the title of this post had something to do with the orange juice, because you started talking about long, hot days and I was like "Oh no, did the lovely orange juice Cadiz's mom get her get spoiled before she could drink it?!" and it was really making me nervous.

So I am WAY relieved about the actual topic of the post. Phew.

Anonymous said...

You are lucky! I know Jon pretty well, and he's a good man. Tell him to go to the doctor about that headache if he can.

SupaCoo said...

I WISH my mom was closer to help out/be motherly in times of need. You are quite fortunate (and appreciative) indeed.

Madelyn said...

Mom's will always do stuff like that, well, good moms anyway. They are always thinking of their children. It's just their way.

As for Jon, he is pretty awesome . . . his headache may be a nutritional thing, make sure he's getting all his vitamins. I used to get headaches everyday . . . until I stopped eating meat . . . just sayin.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Yay, nice guys win.

Isn't being 'spoilt' wonderful?

Your mum sounds like mine.