Tuesday, November 30, 2010

tomorrow, it's december

I kid you not, people, I often stop myself in mid-date-writing to say HOLY CANNOLI, SELF, IT'S ALMOST [insert something that I thought was way off but is right upon us, such as DECEMBER]!!

So all day I was in a tizzy. Because I have to deal with a lot of dates in my job.

But this also means that we've completed yet another NaBloPoMo November! Hooray! Congratulations to Syar, Madelyn, Cofo and Jon, as well as the readers and commenters, without whom this kind of endeavor wouldn't be fun at all.

The thing is, this past month I didn't really *feel* like I was producing much in the way of quality. I know time is lacking, but I think I could get back to what I think were better posting if I keep at it. So I'm going to try not to slip into the abyss of non-posting that was consuming me before. Let's see how long that lasts.

Thank you all for reading and commenting! As any blogger will tell you, it's the attention that really keeps it going. MUAH!!!


Syar said...

Hurrah! I love how the high of NaBloPoMo always results in promises to do better at blogging, Being seasoned pros (HA!), we know to take this high with a grain of salt, but it's nice to feel so pumped!

Anonymous said...

Happy December! Just remember that the more you post during the lulls, the more I'm encouraged to post. So it's all up to you, good luck!

Guyana-Gyal said...

You always sound so enthusiastic even when you say you're not! It's what I like. Keep posting, how's the Christmas turkey going?

omar said...

Congrats on finishing another NaBloPoMo!

I miss blogging. I can't decide if I was more creative back then because I was writing more, or if I was writing more because I had pent up creative energy.

SupaCoo said...

YOU DID IT!!! Nice job.