Sunday, November 14, 2010

they won't know you're the bride unless you pile on the bling

We went to an Indian Wedding Expo today, and there was a fashion show. A pretty well-known Bollywood playback singer was singing during the catwalk.

This dude was, from what we could guess, a late addition. I think he was a bouncer. And he was pretty proud of being the biggest guy there. 

 This woman was Queen of Something. We weren't sure what.

The singer was pretty talented. And a good multitasker. Unfortunately, he didn't think anyone would see him checking his phone DURING his performance because he was kind of behind the curtain.

For the last song, he picked out some Caucasian people in the audience. "What's your name? Sandra? And you? Esperanza, that's nice. Amy? Well this song is for you three. And all the rest of my American friends." Then he busted out a very commendable version of Bryan Adams's Everything I do, I do it for you.


Madelyn said...

Indian wedding expo? Who knew those even existed. Did you get any ideas from it?

Anonymous said...

How big will your crown be?

Jon said...

We've already talked about it, the crown will require as many as three spotters and possibly a remote controlled blimp for stability.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Those saris are stunning, bling and all. But a crown? Naaaah. I like the fabric thrown over like a veil.

Cadiz, I can't imagine you being a demure bride, head bowed, looking most shy.

Will you bawl like brides are supposed to do? :-D

cadiz12 said...

madelyn: you have NO IDEA.

anon: absolutely no crown, tiara or any of that stuff, but i will definitely have one of these. but you (possibly may) know me, i'm not about the huge and flashy. no one knows what that crown was for.

jon: and i'll get to control the blimp so the crown won't fall off your head.

GG: i'll be honest, sometimes just thinking about it makes me tear up a little. not out of sadness (i'm a virus my parents will NEVER be able to rid themselves of), but because i know mom and dad have been looking forward to that day for a really long time. plus if my mom is crying, there's no way my mascara is going to stay put. oh and you know i won't be able to keep a huge smile off my face, either. oxymoron, thy name is cadiz.