Friday, November 09, 2012


Hey, remember seven (!) years ago when I started this blog and I worked in a dungeon doing reports? Sometimes that feels like a long long LONG time ago, and sometimes it feels like it just a couple of summers back.

When I get frustrated and overwhelmed and have too much on my plate that hurts my brain, I just find more stuff to do. I guess the busier I am, the less time I have to think about how busy I am. But that is tiring, so I am going to bed early.

I leave you with this, my paranoid nightmare about being murdered and my dismembered parts being left in a janitor closet to rot by a one-eyed psycho. No one would even hear me scream.

So yes, I keep extra busy to distract my mind, because this is the kind of stuff it comes up with when left unattended.

show this to the police when you don't hear from me



Ale said...

i will always think back to this time very warmly :) and you know what i mean. now, remember you current assignment- get us a couple of billions. Euro or even $$ will be accepted ;) DO IT!

SupaCoo said...

Still can't believe it has been SEVEN years. WTH. I haven't AGED seven years, so please riddle me that.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Seven years. Oh boy. I remember those days. Where's everybody now? Where's your window-washing stalker now?

cadiz12 said...

me too, ale. everything we said we'd do is falling into place. can't wait till we figure out how to make that billion, though.

of course you haven't aged, supacoo! neither have i! btw, i can't get to your blog? it keeps going to an old template with old posts?

gg: sadly, most everyone has fallen away from blogging. ale has come back, but most of the others don't really do it anymore. back in the day we really did have a lovely little community, didn't we?

i'll bet the window washer is still there, stalking people.

Jon said...

Seven years... that still blows my mind. 8 years ago I didn't even know you existed... now we're married.