Sunday, November 25, 2012

like crazy

Yesterday I should have been working. But instead, to quote my husband, I was "relaxing." Except now I'm in a frenzy because I didn't work, so whatever relaxation benefits I got from yesterday have been taken down in a belly-to-belly suplex by the paranoia about what all I have to get done for work by 11/30 and how I wasted a full day yesterday lying around the house watching television.

Oh television, you are my evilest vice.

One of the things we watched yesterday was this independent film, with Anton Yelchin and some girl from the U.K. that I swear I have seen before, called Like Crazy. SPOILERS AHEAD:

To sum up, this movie is about two people who love spending time together, but don't care about Visa laws and end up sort of sad and regretful but stuck together because all they went through and all they hurt in order to be together even though they really didn't think things through and both are just a little bit selfish. I thought the girl was selfish and Jon thought the boy was stupid for not just moving his damn independent furniture business to the U.K. He kept saying, "Sack up and move, you idiot!" to the tv.

Madelyn had recommended it as a really good movie, because it made you feel something.

I spent the rest of the day trying to sit as close to Jon as possible. I probably hugged him more yesterday than I had in the last week. The long-distance scenes were sad.

Jon spent the rest of the day angry. He hates films in which the character very clearly doesn't do what the right thing to do is (tell the truth, just break up with the girl already or move to be with the one he loves.) and spends the rest of the movie suffering for apparently no good reason. Additionally, he ABHORS movies in which the main character is with a perfectly nice and lovely person and then just happens to meet *the one* and dumps that perfectly nice person.

So we had to watch the rest of Season 3 Sons of Anarchy to get him back in good spirits. Then poof, the day was over.

yippie-kai-yay, mf
In which I finally make the time to watch Die Hard.


Ale said...

jon seems like THE perfect movie watching partner! vito tells me to "SHHHHH" if i talk during a film... um.... WTF!??? i haven't watched the move, but i did watch a really long preview and clearly the chick IGNORED visa rules and overstayed her limit resulting in the ensuing visa troubles. If the idiot REALLY loved the guy she would have made sure to follow all the rules correctly. and if i had received random phone calls with a hysterical biatch on the other side i would have just hung up! ((clearly i take the guy's side))

Madelyn said...

The fact that you posted about it, means it was a good movie. If you find yourself thinking about a movie later that day or week or month, it means it was a good movie.

SupaCoo said...

Yay! I need good movies to check out.

Guyana-Gyal said...

It's a good thing I don't have Netflix here. It would be the undoing of me.

As it is, I try to do stuff during the commercials.

Haha, Ale, I get shushed a lot too, nobody seems to understand my need to yell at the characters, to talk to them and so on.

Jon said...

No Madelyn, the fact that it still makes me angry thinking about it now, does not make it a good movie. I still get angry about the Puffy Chair, and that was not a good movie.

I get to pick the next movie, that's all I'm saying.

cadiz12 said...

oh ale, you would have HATED these people--they are just the kind that annoy you.

i do love movies that make me think about them for long after, madelyn. that is the truth.

me too, supacoo! i have like 300+ movies on my netflix queue and i still can never decide and end up watching reruns of America's Next Top Model.

gg, netflix is SO DANGEROUS. you may never leave the house. i had it before the streaming was even available and i watched a movie a day when i was working nights.

honey, let's never speak of The Puffy Chair again--unless we're warning others against it.