Monday, November 12, 2012

the problem with parking: reprise!

So in seven years of NaBloPoMo, I don't recall missing a day. Until yesterday. This post will be post-dated till 11:59 just so my OCD self will not go nuts looking at the list later, but we all know the truth: I dropped the ball. It happens.

So here is my collection of parking woes from back when I had to drive downtown, park for two hours, sneak out of the big 5p.m. meeting, wait in line for 40 min to get into the lot, not get an official lunch break but eat whenever and stay in the dungeon till all hours. If you can believe it, I truly was thankful for that job.

2005: a review
In which I complain about parking. Here is a taste:

the problem with parking -- vol 3 (july 9, 2005)

the problem with parking is that, when you're in a hurry and you've been trolling for a spot for 10 minutes and finally find one that's dangerously close to an intersection and you accidentally move up too far, another driver can *claim* to think that you were signaling to turn, not park, and then pull a fried-green-tomatoes move on your ass.

then he'll just shrug his shoulders as you contemplate giving him the finger, wasting the entire appropriate finger-giving window, and you end up having to park down the street six blocks. that spot had been right in front.

you just come away wondering where the hell Tawanda is when you need her.


Guyana-Gyal said...

I've heard things can get real bad when people start fighting for parking over there :-D

cadiz12 said...

come to the city of chicago and someone will practically run you over to take the spot that you have been standing in to save for your friend, who is stuck at the stoplight.

as you jump out of the way in disbelief, he will say, "this is Chicago, baby."

polyestherbunny said...

UGH, I hate parking as much as you do. Maybe even more. And I totally believe in Murphy’s law when it comes to parking. A joke I once heard: parking spots are like men, the good ones are always taken and the rest left are handicap. Haha.

Jon said...

We get so spoiled with parking in the suburbs. Someone asked Madelyn and I what it was like living in the suburbs and Madelyn said, "You can park wherever you want!" and they were like, "wow, must be nice."