Friday, November 02, 2012

Whole30: the recap

So Jon and I completed the Whole30 a few days ago.

I didn't think I was going to make it! No added sugar? No bread? NO CHEESE!?!

Jon was waiting for this *burst* of energy we were supposed to get, but he was disappointed. I listed a few benefits I got in the update post from the middle of the month (less tired, not dizzy at the gym, nicer skin, etc). Also? I lost some weight,* too.

But here's the biggest one: my mouth is not hungry 24/7.

See, I have this thing where I can have a really filling, delicious meal, but then ten minutes later--even if my belly is bulging and I can hardly move from the couch, my mouth has a taste for something else. It's bizarre! I try to drink water, or wait 20 minutes, but it's there. All the time. This leads to way overeating and ridiculous snacking. And it was getting to be a problem.

But cutting out all this stuff from my diet? Made the cravings go away.

Not sure what it was, but I do consume a lot of dairy--yogurt, milk in my tea, lots of cheese. I have a feeling that hormones in that stuff has something to do with it.  But I'm no doctor.

Last night (Jon's birthday) we went out for hibachi/sushi and dove into bowls of rice. The idea was to introduce one forbidden food first to see how our bodies would handle it. Right away, we both felt really full. My tummy was not immediately pleased and there was more um, air, in my system, but otherwise I did all right. But I realized I would have been just fine eating the veggies and the meat and just a little rice.

This afternoon I had a burrito bowl with brown rice and felt the same way--I would have been way more satisfied with double the veggies and half the rice. My stomach wasn't in pain, but felt a little weird. I was scared to eat any candy--especially with the overflowing bowls all around at this time of year--but I had a mini PayDay today and it was SCRUMPTIOUS. I'm afraid once I eat chocolate, I won't be able to stop.

Like I said on Day 18, this simply can't be a way of life for me. It's just way too hard on my friends and family--being on a weird diet not for allergy reasons makes hosts feel bad and dining out really tricky. But it really made me stop and think about what I'm putting into my body. And I will definitely be making some changes, like less pasta and rice, more cups of tea with coconut or almond milk instead of cow's milk, and way more vegetables.

As hard as it was for Jon and I, the person who suffered the most this past month was my poor mother. It was absolutely KILLING her to not be able to send over some food. She even researched the diet and made a very tantalizing homemade chicken soup, but looked crushed when I told her we couldn't have peas. I think she felt a little better when I picked them out and ate the rest in front of her. But only slightly. Because she's a graduate of the school that preaches, "Food is love," and a mommy who can't share love is a sad mommy indeed.

the ones that won't let you down
When I was stuck in the dungeon on Thanksgiving, my mom cooked up a mini-feast just for me, and the family brought it 35 miles into the city for me. My mom said, "the turkey just wouldn't go down my throat knowing that you weren't having any."

*I lost half an inch from my bust, waist and the widest part of my hips (I only had "before" measurements required for sewing). I will probably weigh myself when I get back to the gym where I had taken that particular measurement a few weeks before this experiment.


Madelyn said...

I say, when in doubt, make up allergies. Quick short story for you: Last Thursday I was interning and, as I usually do, I started a conversation with a nice young man who wanted to look at the Mainstage show DVD archives. Once he got the DVD he was looking for, he went into the lobby and watched it. Then he came back for another and we talked a little more. The third time he came back, he was done and said "I know we hardly know eachother, buuut, would you watch my backpack while I go to Walgreens?". After giving him a hard time for a minute, I said of course and he left. When he returned he tried to show his appreciation by bringing me back some candy from Walgreens. Before I could stop myself I said "ooooh, I don't eat candy." He looked disappointed and I felt bad. I followed up with "but, that's very thoughtful and I appreciate it." He was there again yesterday and I apologized again. he said it was okay and we had an even longer conversation. There is really no point to this story other than it sort of relates to what you were talking about. Hope this doesn't turn out to be a TLDR comment.

cadiz12 said...

Dude is going to keep coming by to talk to you until he figures out he needs to bring you grapes as a thank you.

I always read every word of the comments. Coal, I say! But in a good way, not the Christmas stocking way.

Jon said...

I think what I'm annoyed at most about that diet is how much it killed me to see certain types of foods for the whole month and then, when it was all over, I was like, that was quick.