Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I've been wallowing in the sadness that I'm not naturally inclined to perform the tasks required for my job and how it feels like one long torturous neverending semester of calculus, during which all the other students grasp the concepts immediately and I'm furiously trying to keep up (Ale, remember the nightmare that was Enriched Physics in high school?) or at least fake like I understand until the test, but in this case there is no test because it is Real Life.

Then Jon tells me his instructor (who beat breast cancer) found out that her cancer is back.

Now I feel like a selfish jerk for whining about my stupid problems. Because, jeeze, shut up, Cadiz.

sometimes prayers trump privacy, mom
In which my mom gets cancer cut out. And it has stayed out, thank God.


cadiz12 said...

OkI'm being overly dramatic. I like this job but he ppl w IT degrees get it faster than I do and I don't much enjoy feeling slow in class.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I didn't get the impression that you were whingeing here, in this post.

I feel sad for Jon's instructor, I hope she can beat it again. More and more I'm hearing that cancer is treatable now. If she'll take prayers from someone far away, I'm sending mine to her.

Ale said...

oh that physics class was so pointless at least we had someone who did our homework for us.
cadiz- you seem to enjoy complaining, so just complain and enjoy it and don't feel guilty ;)

cadiz12 said...

it's very sad. poor lady.

yes, Ale, i think the feeling guilty about complaining takes all the joy out of complaining. i should just complain with abandon!

Jon said...

Cancer is no friend of mine. Hopefully my instructor takes her record to 2-0 against cancer.