Monday, November 19, 2012

reindeer in the night

This weekend, My brother was in town to stand up in a wedding. Only by coincidence was I able to catch up with him for about half an hour last night over Portillo's hot dogs and cheesy fries. He drove back to St. Louis today while I was at work.

Jon and I are going to spend Christmas and New Year's with his family on the West Coast. My brother and his girlfriend, M, will be coming up here to be with my parents. So I probably won't get to enjoy my brother rolling his eyes at me until sometime in 2013.

But at least we can start getting into the mood for the season, as the Christmas music is already all over the radio! While I love holiday songs as much as the next girl, even I can admit that before Thanksgiving is a bit premature.

the most wonderful time of the year
In which my college roommate, pp, confiscated my carefully recorded Christmas tapes while we were moving in, "to preserve her sanity."


Madelyn said...

Perhaps you guys can Facetime so you can spend some quality time watching his eyes roll. Just think though, it will only be like 60 degrees where we are! And, AAAAAND Karen, there will be one cute baby to distract you from missing your family. YAY for cute babies!

cadiz12 said...

the most i am expecting is a monosyllabic text message exchange from my brother.

but you are right, adorable babies are a wonderful distraction!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Roll your eyes right back, I say. [I have two brothers!]

Jon said...

There will be facetime, mark my words! As to who will show their face... well, that's another story.