Wednesday, March 23, 2005

baby steps

the intern from the old place e-mailed me for career advice. can you believe someone is asking ME?

it's ironic, because just today i had lunch with the Coach, a coworker from years ago, and we're both lost as to what it is that we really want to *do* in life. it's like we had this idea of what we wanted, got a plan and worked our asses off to make it happen. Now that we're on top of the mountain -- as he put it -- 'all there is up there is an old man with a hot dog stand. i could have gotten a freaking hot dog at the bottom!' i always did like the way this kid thought.

and it was also refreshing to hear a man say he's getting marriage pressure from his father, of all people. ('don't you want a family of your own?') geez! we're not that old, people! it makes my mother nudging me toward her friend's sister's cousin's neice's brother from another country sound not so damn horrible.

no, i lied. it still sounds horrid.

so i told the intern kid that no one ever really gets used to living in the real world and not to sweat it. just put yourself out there but be smart about it. sounds like lame advice to me. i'll bet i never hear from him again. he's better off.

in other news, i have been faithfully attempting to put some continuity into my day by doing the warmup we used to do in dance class. sigh. how i miss dance class; there's nothing like pretending to breakdance to build the muscles. and that warmup kicked my ass every time, even after 2 years. but for some reason it's not as fun at home, without all the underground music (we were jamming to kanye WAY before he was the darling of the grammys thanks to the teacher's dj hookups).

so thank you all, for sending me good vibes to get my schedule together. consider this the first of many steps. some of which will be finishing the scarf i am knitting by next fall (by when i'm sure i will hate the color) and making the adjustments on the pile of new clothes that have been sitting on my chair for the better part of a year b/c i'm too lazy to hem/fix or find a button for them. then it'll be like i went shopping all over again!

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