Thursday, March 10, 2005


well, ale, you're right. i just need to make a schedule. i'm going to take your advice.

but before you get all hopeful and excited about seeing progress, let me make a disclaimer.

all of this stuff is supposed to take place BEFORE i have to go to work. and herein lies the problem. you see, i cannot do anything unless there's the peudo-gun-to-my-head deadline looming over me, a fire under my ass, someone coming along or the threat of unemployment. it's baad, sister. and if you don't believe me, let me tell you about college.

i am the QUEEN procrastinator. you can ask my university roommate how many times i have nearly driven her to a heart attack with my lazy ways. i was notorious for putting off things so i have to stay up late, often all night, and one time for 76 hours in a row, to finish. don't get me wrong, i did try the sleep/wake up early method. and you know what happened? I DREAMT that i already finished my work! so when the alarm rang, i rolled over and went to sleep. all i can say is when i finally got up that morning, hilarity ensued as i finished while walking/riding the bus to class. believe me, it wasn't pretty.

but you make a good point, ale. i think i do need to just get cracking. i'm going to start small. today, you'll be happy to hear i had my eyebrows done and i'm looking very neat and svelte (well in the above-eye area, anyway). granted, the line was long and there was traffic, so i was late to work, but at least i did something. well, i watched 'win a date with tad hamilton' while i ate lunch, but i don't think that counts. (topher grace was the only good thing about it.)

anyway, i could blather on for years here, but i'll stop so i can do some hard thinking about the things i want to put into my schedule. suggestions would be greatly appreciated, so long as they don't involve getting up before noon or heavy labor. remember, putting gas in the car is a feat of magic these days.


kelly said...

Will you marry me?



Anonymous said...

NO NO NO. the best thing about 'win a date' was tad hamilton (sorry i dont know his real name).
slinking around his house without his shirt on. those 30 seconds will be etched in my cereberal cortex for as long as i shall live. (hopefully).

cadiz12 said...

i thought the best part was the 'love, big love and great love'

interesting. i'm looking back on my loves and seeing where they fit.