Tuesday, March 15, 2005

i'm no kanye, but i have a plan

okay darlings, here's the rudimentary plan:

do one(1) errand/chore/accomplishment a day. like today-- drumroll-- i went to the bank. granted, that is because i still hadn't cashed one paycheck from before i got direct deposit and it was going to be void by tomorrow. whatever. i am still proud of myself.

no, seriously. i'm not sure what happened this weekend, but i got a whiff of the drive that used to enable me to do 75 things in one day. ah, how i have missed it. i spent the whole weekend in city city, losing my mind over parking and minor drama.

but when i got home, i hit the mall and the library and spent way too much money at the craft store, or crackhouse, as my friend from the old place used to call it. and it is like a crackhouse! i have forked over so much cash at places like that; they should really have frequent flyer points or something. at least let me get some free zippers or hot glue or something. but i bought some fluffy pink yarn and hope to make something by 2008.

small goals, people! that's what it's about!

what i wish would happen:

i'll make it back to a dance class. my muscles and my mind are deteriorating as we speak.
save a chunk of change
move to a place that i love with a roommate whom i can get along with well and ditch my car.
paint again.
finish all the 1/2 ass projects clogging my closet

what will most likely happen:
netflix.com will revoke my subscription for overuse
i will hand over all extra money to the crackhouse in exchange for more crap in the closet that i will never look at again
dancing will be relegated to mouthing the words to the radio while i get ready for work
starbucks will offer me stock options and the caffeine addiction that i have so desperately tried to avoid for all these years. and i will accept.


Ale said...

To comment on your list: Ok. I think I'm begining to see what are potentally problems. You got deffinitely got things that you would like to do (or would like to WANT to get done). I think what's preventing you from actually doing them is the lack of commitment on your part... meaning:
1.Put actual dates next to each task on your list.

2.Make them realistic and attainable, since we don't want you to add unnecessary stress.

3.Get all those things accomplished by the date that you've set (even if you dont feel like it)

Also, something that is of concern is at the end of the list you say that what will "most likely" happen is.... and you go on to say that nothing will be done in reality. Hmmm, you have no FEAR of the "SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY"?? That's probably the strongest force found in nature! so... BE AFRAID...BE VEEEERY AFRAID.....

"They say" whatever comes out of your mouth will be precicely what happens. So we need to change that. Speak positively and confidently and these things WILL happen.

So my dear Cadiz, revisions of your "list" is requested first thing on my desk tomorrow morning :) hehe

PS: besides the negative undertones you are SUPER hillarious!!! "parking and minor drama"... hahahahhaa

cadiz12 said...

hmm self-fulfilling prophecy?
how about i change my list to

meet prince charming
work in a place that i can't wait to go to every day
make enough money so my family is comfortable and my kids never have to miss out on a school they want to go to
die happy.

starting today!

Ale said...

cadiz, you have now given me yet another reason to be concerned. Your unwillingness to take this "list therapy" seriously.

and once again...!! "meet prince charming" --- we need an exact date! "make enough money.." -- HOW much exactly...and WHEN exactly.
you're not serious, but if you just give a try to put concrete dates and numbers to your goals you may JUST MAY realize that they are NOT so far fetched and actaully pretty attainable. i'll continue to bug you till you "get with the program" (ha, i couldn't resist that last remark)