Thursday, March 17, 2005

confession of a netflix addict

i think all this marathon movie viewing has turned me into a snob. proof positive: 'only you'

it was a movie i have loved; i used to be able to watch it multiple times in a row and even rewinded scenes that most beautifully reminded me of that first trip to italy.

sigh. high school. no cares. everything was exciting and new. (cue 'love boat' themesong).

so i figured i'd recapture the warm fuzzy memories by renting the dvd. (the tape had long since been destroyed in a move). sadly, by this time i'm pretty far removed from high school and have become a little numb to the wonder and drama of european travel. (that's a very depressing topic for another day). this time i saw past the charming locales and fancy monuments to take in the actual movie.

granted, the premise is pretty farfetched-- it's right up my alley of sappiness. a fortune teller and a ouija board tell this girl her soulmate's name. she forgets all about it until years later when the guy calls to say he can't make it to her wedding because he'll be away on business. she takes off to italy (in her wedding dress, mind you) to see if this oblivious guy is the real deal. hilarity ensues while she figures out she's ridiculous.

sounds just like your life, cadiz, you're probably saying. i know! at the end of the day i usually end up concluding i'm ridiculous, too. but i just have to say, marisa tomei sort of killed this film. i mean, i wanted to reach into the tv and grab her by the throat till she was still. i know she had to play the airhead card to get anyone to buy her character actually believed in this crazed chase she was on, but c'mon, marisa! let's float on back to earth. robert downey, jr. was good and bonnie hunt was fabulous, as usual.

i just couldn't enjoy the movie. maybe this means i'm grown up and sophisticated. no, that can't be it. today i picked up some crackers-and-processed-cheese packs because i can't resist the little plastic wand they put in there for you to spread the cheese. the cheese doesn't need to be refrigerated and 1 four-cracker serving also serves up 14% of my daily sodium intake. but i rationalized this by the fact that this product is also keebler-elf endorsed.

nope. i'm definitely not grown up and sophisticated. but i do know annoying when i see it. sorry marisa.

in the car: 'whoa nelly' nelly furtado
in the dvd: 'kissing jessica stein'
on the shelf: 'had a good time' by robert butler olen

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Ale said...

wahahhaha, i'm was totaly laughing, my work people were looking at me funny.

yep, i know that movie. I also to this day have problems with movies, pictures, posters...etc... dipicting eurpean seens. (yes, depressing topic for another day) I resigned to the fact that the only way I'll be able to handle "europe stuff" is if I am strongly connected to it where I MUST travel there more than on a quarterly basis. EX: marrying a european and bringing my childrenses to visit with their granmamas. or work... or having so much money that I must shop there every season... Until than, we cant talk, discuss, see it--- nothing.
one thing that's not clear, i like marissa tomei-- even when she is being annoying--?? you dont?