Thursday, March 31, 2005

the best story ever

okay, so i lied. watch out, you april fools.

i know, that was a cheap trick. but as the premiere target for april tomfoolery every year, i felt i needed to make a feeble attempt at retaliation. i'm just not a smooth enough liar for anything as elaborate as convincing people i've been selected to compete on 'Jeopardy' or making up fake royal lineage (both stories i've fallen for -- i was young and much more gullible back then).

honestly, i did rack my brain to come up with something interesting to say, but sadly, i got nuthin tonight.

so watch your backs, suckers. not everyone will be as honest today.


Ale said...

thanks! i totaly forgot that it was april 1st. I hate this holiday. when I was 12 I told my friends that my family and I are moving to south africa cus my dad got offered a specialist job and they're putting us up in a villa and we're going to have armed guards and i'll have a nanny (at 12!) and my own hairdresser (yes, that on I just threw in as wishfull thinking! hahhahaaaa
And you better believe it! I had everyone believing it! the rumor spread like lightning through my gossipy jr high and people i didn't even know were telling me good luck and have fun... even one of my teachers was like... so are you going to learn afrikaans? (or however you spell it). Well it took a while to convince everyone i was NOT leaving, and at the end i had to just come up with a story that my dad couldn't negotiate the 2.5 million dollar salary that he was really expecting! uuffff, so i learned my lesson never to stay clear of all joking around on April fools day.

cadiz12 said...

ale, you've always been a convincing storyteller. i can't wait to hear you regale us with stories from espana!

hey do they still do 50 peseta conos (withOUT the ~) at mcdonald's on fridays? all the hottays would go there between 6-8p. is that still true? granted, i'm sure you won't want to be caught dead at mickey d's on any continent, but i thought i'd throw that out there.

omg, have you seen parque guell yet? gaudi is wacky but one of my faves.