Wednesday, March 30, 2005

here's the thing: i'm up for it

today was a challenge:

first there was the tornado thing;
the noah-get-your-ark rain thing;
the hail thing;
the not-touching-the-gas-pedal-to-crawl-through-traffic-for-2-hours thing;
the being late and missing the meeting thing;
the full plate thing;
the hurrying to get my schedule for the evening thing;
the change in plan 1/2way through thing;
the change in plan 3/4way through thing;
the change in plan 5/6way through thing;
the change in plan 7/8way through thing;
the scrambling to catch up while worrying that i've pissed off a whole bunch of people with all the changes (even though if it were up to me, there'd be no changes) thing

needless to say, i was sweating just a little.

but i managed to pull it all togther, and with the help of some kind people, hit my deadlines (barely) and held onto my sanity.

but the funny thing is, i haven't felt this alive or full of adrenaline in months. i've always thrived on the procrastination-induced race to the finish (only if i emerge victorious). so maybe i got a taste of that again, and that's why i'm happy.

it's a dangerous sport; please do not try this at home.


kaiyareturns said...

you want to talk about a challenge?

imagine you have a cargo van of stuff to transport to a new apt. and as you open the door, water and hail comes crashing down infront of you like a metal curtain falling from the heavens...

and then imagine lugging heavy bags and sopping bags of ghetto packed clothes still on hangers around and then doing it for the entire evening including climbing 3 flights of stairs for every box, basket, containter, bag running around in the rain NOT like those bollywood scenes.

moving is hard. very hard. 2 weeks and i'm still barely done moving stuff kind of hard. especially without one of those things that you love parking everyday.

kaiyareturns said...

oh yes, and imagine 6 defining moments in the evening when you are facing the hopelessness of the situation and really questioning turning around (even though other circumstances do not allow SUCH A THING!) clear moments when you ask yourself, AM I REALLY DOING THIS??