Wednesday, March 30, 2005

sog story

this morning i woke up, late, but i was on a mission. i was going to bring a lunch, as God is my witness, and i didn't care if i was going to be late!

and of course i had my heart set on a time-consuming item: salad, with ingredients like boiled egg and shredded turkey, as well as your standard chopped vegetables. ooh i'm salivating just thinking about it.

unfortunately, in my haste i didn't want to take the whole bottle of dressing with me, so i poured some on top, closed the tupperware and was on my way.

i realized there's a very good reason they don't put the dressing on until right before consumption. because after my long commute and 1/2 my shift, i opened the box to find my salad floating around in red wine vinaigrette soup.

it wasn't quite as gross as it sounds, but you get the picture. next time i'll drag the bottle with me. that's what i get for having newfangled ideas like bringing lunch.


Ale said...

so you usually don't eat at all??
whowwwhow- that's no good. How are you going to keep all those features looking best? :)
dont' want to hear any more about starving eh!

cadiz12 said...

no, silly. but because of the a. nature of the business (no real time to break away from the desk), b. nature of the job (i'm still learning something new and don't feel comfortable going out to get something, and c. nature of me (lazy as hell), i usually just have breakfast when i get up, and immense lunch right before i leave (a la europa) and a light dinner when i get home. as well as a snack during work.

and don't worry, i ate every slimy bit of that soggy salad. it was actually very good.