Thursday, March 24, 2005

rude awakening

my brother came to visit during his spring break.

as you guys know, i have a routine. work, eat, sleep, work, eat... so sharing a bathroom was a high-ranking disturbance. granted, it was nice to see the kid; he can be a lot of fun to have around. i'm not knocking that. but after the excitement of seeing him wore off, i remembered just why we were at each other's throats when we were young.

i woke up to the fifth snooze of the alarm, dragged my sorry self to the bathroom and got into the shower. now, i move at about -2700 mph first thing when i wake up. and if something annoys me in those critical minutes, i'm snarky for hours. this day i discovered what may possibly be the most freaking irritating thing to encounter when you're trying to ease into the day.

i'm standing there, vulnerable, still warm from sleep and wincing because i know the water will be cold. i go to turn on the shower faucet to let it run a bit before i pull up the tab to make it come out overhead. what happens? FREEZING cold water comes down like someone poured a bucket of icy gatorade on me, but without the thrill of victory. the little rat didn't put the tab down when he was done! ARGH!! it was horrible.

needless to say, it took me about 3 hours to get uncranky-fied that day.

the child is back at school, back to his own shower where he can leave it to spray on him every day. maybe he needs that kind of rude awakening. but not me. i will be checking that tab every morning.


dulce said...

Cadiz i love your blog! i unfortunately only have internet access at work (working on the whole at home access thing) so its very very nice to be able to break up my sad booooring day at work w/your interesting comments about everyday life. It's a nice contrast to Ale's everything is Wonderful! keep up the good work :)

cadiz12 said...

thanks dulce! i'm glad i brighten your day with my sometimes very negative attitude. honestly, it does make me feel better to complain, and i've always believed that if you're suffering, you should spread it around a little, no?

i don't know what kind of crack rocks ale is smoking, because i have no idea where she gets the energy to be so cheery. we're the yin and yang of blogs, i guess.

Ale said...

I'm listening!!!! dulce!! and... I'm listening cadiz!!!!
....hahahahah.... i'm glad you think i'm smoking crack rocks! Is that what they call coffee beans now days??
and I just bet cadiz is a happy camper underneath all that dark, mysterious exterior! you remind me of a freshly brewed cup of coffee! you smell good, little bitter to the taste... but makes us happy after we had a doze of you!

cadiz12 said...

aw, ale, have i told you love you recently? but what are you trying to do? ruin my street cred? i'm a hardass, people! just call me oscar and don't knock on my garbage can! ha ha.