Wednesday, March 23, 2005

update on marisa

okay, so i find another marisa tomei movie in my mailbox. 'happy accidents' with vincent d'ofrio (2001).

i thought, okay, i'll give this another try. maybe m.t. (whoa that sounds like 'empty') was just *playing* an annoying girl in 'only you.'

that may have been true, but i did want to smack her a couple of times in this one. it wasn't as bad as my urge to strangle her after o.y. but c'mon, no one needs to bite her lip that many times. she's very good at looking alluring and getting cozy with a man on camera. she's beautiful, so that of course doesn't hurt. i guess i'll have to get 'in the bedroom' to reach a verdict on whether i can stand her.

the movie, though, was an interesting concept. kind of like the feeling you get with 'eternal sunshine for the spotless mind,' but with a completely different premise. i'd have to say i liked it. i always like vince d'o, though. he was Thor in 'Adventures in Babysitting'! and he's good on law and order, even though it's really hard to believe he knows that much about everything. whatever. it's tv.


heyyougetoffofmyblog said...

The best way to watch a Marisa Tomei movie is with the sound off.

cadiz12 said...

you said, it homes. she is a gorgeous woman, but dammit if she doesn't get annoying.

as a last-ditch effort, i'm going to get 'in the bedroom.' and if it sucks, i'm going to write her off.

btw, i feel dumb, but i forgot the n in D'Nofrio. oh well, you guys know what i meant.