Saturday, March 19, 2005

deal with the devil

oh my god, i just saw kate from 'lost' on a late-night ad for phone partyline or something. called 'lively'or something. granted, she wasn't all nasty and hooched out, so i have some respect for her. but man, i wonder what she did to get on such a good show when obv she was cooing at the commercial cam not too long ago.

seriously, i haven't seen her in much before this. should i put her on a made-a-deal-with-the-devil list with ashanti, jude law and fitty cent?

i just looked up evangeline lilly on and she's got more credits 'as herself' than actual roles. here are the characters, besides kate ryan on 'lost:
*dead body
*benson's girlfriend
*JD girl'

see? deal with the devil. or else she's dating the director.


Ale said...

life has a very strange way of unraveling. Although, i'm a strong believer in "who you know, is where you'll go" philosofy, i think that sometimes we make relationships with people under what seems to be strange circumstances and we say "waaaw, what were the odds of that happening!". Maybe she is not dating the director, maybe at some party that she connected with a person that may have thought of her at the right moment. But really there are no lucky chances in life. (i dont think) You MAKE yourself lucky by working hard towards your goal and if along the way you meet the right people or "stumble" along the right oportunities- well, in my book its not called luck-- its called calculated planning and execution. how would "kate" have been presented with an oportunity if she was not already working in that direction. --although i agree with you, if i was an aspiring actress i probably would have tried to stay away form "sexy commercials".

cadiz12 said...

as much as i love your positive attitude, ale, you have to admit that people get roles based on the 'casting couch.'