Friday, March 11, 2005

canadians get all the chicks

kelly, that was sweet. it was the procrastination that caught your interest, right? i know, last-minute frenzy is a real spouse magnet.

i was in houston once, for a conference. we wondered why it was so dead downtown until someone told us to look underground. verrry sneaky. what i still can't figure out though, is why no one dances at the club. it's weird; they just stood around with their drinks, looking pretty and bobbing their heads. we even asked the dj, and he said he's moving to miami.

we met some people from canada on that trip. they were so cool and fun to hang out with. one of them was even an international bridge (cards) champion. it was like being with a celebrity. but maybe that was just because they were canadian. when we went to play pool, some other canadians came up to our group when they heard us speaking and were like 'canada, aye?' they went around to all of us going, 'canada? i'm rob' or 'canada? i'm jerry.' but when they came to us, they were like, 'canadian? no? oh.'

we tried to stay in touch with the canadians, but they were kind of shady. maybe we're just from the wrong country.


Ale said...

I have a question-- ok, so now we know about the canadians, how about telling us the "cadiz" story... hmmm? Plus we want to hear the mega six month plan.

Anonymous said...

so cadiz, where is the six month plan? public wants to know :)