Monday, March 07, 2005

pumped up

today i filled air in my tires. everyone knows that this city is notorious for its potholes, and in my 45-75 minute commute, i probably fly over about 1/3 of them. but what i don't get was how the back left tire was at 20 lbs of pressure and the back right tire only had 5. it makes me think i have a leak. great. just what i need. to be stranded out on the expressway in the middle of the night/day when there is no one free to come and rescue my sorry ass. i should really invest in AAA membership.

filling the tires was the only thing of note that i did today, if you don't count eating, showering and going to work. and believe me, that's a record in productivity. this night work schedule has screwed with my head so very much that i am physically unable to fill my time with anything but imports from netflix or perfecting my leap across the room to hit the snooze button.

i did however catch about 10 minutes of dr. phil berating people about their bad spending habits. it's going to take this couple 38 years to pay off their debt unless they do something about it, like yesterday. and this poor divorced woman has no marketable skills and is learning how to pay bills the hard way. she accidentally hit 'pay full amount' instead of 'pay minimum balance' on the online banking, and ended up bouncing a 22,000 check. what a mess.

that is exactly why i have to learn how to do crap like filling my tires with air. i shouldn't expect to depend on mr. cadiz12 for every little thing. well, seeing that there is no mr. cadiz12 in the forseeable future, i guess i'll have to figure out how to do all that stuff we always whine to my dad about. for everything else, i can always call AAA.

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Ale said...

Miss Cadiz! Well, well, well, I just want to congradulate you first of all for filling up your tires today! And who said eating was not a notable accomplishment? What did you eat?? :) I ate:
1. banana strawberry gerber food (i never stopped eating baby food)
2. illy coffee (all day at work)
3. lunch- rice and this chicken with farofa
4. dinner- asparagus with rice
5. a rice crispy (no, just kidding, we just had such a nice rice theme going on)
6. just now had fresh squeezed juice- beet w/ green apples and lemon (to help raise the iron levels in your body...or whatever)
That's all for now, but i'm sure i'll eat more later (and will be sure to let you know!!!)
And about "mr. cadiz", good thing he is not around, otherwise you'd be filling tires for TWO cars!!