Monday, March 21, 2005

ciao chatty

okay, i have to admit it. i am so bored these days, that i've started eavesdropping on this kid who sits by me. granted, he's loud and talks to everyone about everything. it's constant chatter. and i don't really speak that much because i'm still semi-new and trying not to f-up. but i have to say, he is slightly entertaining.

when i heard he may be leaving, i was sort of sad. who's going to fill the silence with all kinds of ridiculous stories? like how the only music at his alma mater (and mine) is country. (personally i think he was embarrassed to say he liked country to the people he was talking to, so he had to cover it up with that crappy line.) i'm sorry buddy, but i went there and learned how to salsa. and i never listened to country there. so take that! he was showing one of his senior coworkers about his cellphone and then, as she was holding it, he was like -- in all seriousness -- 'i even dropped it into the toilet. and it still works! comedy, i tell you.

this must be how my coworkers at the other job thought of me. i know i can be chatty, but they really did know everything about me. about my friends, family, boy drama, favorite shows, etc. But i chalk that up to them listening to my phone conversations. one of them said she's writing a book and will base one of the characters on me. ha. God knows i gave her plenty of fodder. but i damn well better get my cut of the profits!

it's so funny how much i know about this kid without ever actually speaking to him. i don't clearly even know what the front of his face looks like (we sit sort of at a hallway junction with our backs to each other.) even so, i think i'll miss him when he's gone.


Ale said...

hey, so wait a minute you are not all alone at your desk? or is that before you go downstairs? yeah, nothing like gossip about coworkers! yaami!

cadiz12 said...

no, this is in the big huge room where everyone sits and the cubicles only come up to the waist, so we're all together. later, when i'm at the satellite office fearing for my life, i am all alone.

today, chatty was in his element. he somehow landed an important project and you could see how excited he was; it was like a little kid with his gameboy.

he was irritating me today because he was second-guessing his superiors, who are clearly superior for a reason.

but i liked his shirt. (well at least the back of it, anyway) a man in a shirt and tie gets me every time. and you know i'm going to end up with someone who works from home in his pajamas. christmas shopping is so much more fun if you get to pick out a couple of ties. what a tragedy.

whoa, i'm getting way ahead of myself here.