Sunday, March 27, 2005

ten bad things i'd *rather* be doing

you guessed it; i'm on dungeon duty again tonight. easter, too. good thing i had a chance to feast before i got here.

1) vacuuming out the car interior
2) scrubbing bathroom grout
3) yard work (okay, that's a close one)
4) cleaning the refrigerator
5) getting lectured about car maintenance by my father
6) entertaining my parents' friends
7) running a mile
8) babysitting rowdy kids
9) taking a pop quiz
10) having my legs waxed

okay, i'll be honest. if i were doing any of the above things, i'm sure i'd be writing about how i would KILL to be on dungeon duty. and it's entirely possible someone could put a gun to my head someday, demanding i come up with some positives about it. i might as well be prepared.

* it's quiet
* no one is looking over your shoulder -- free reign on listening to music and reading up on celebrity gossip
* you can see if anyone's coming (once you get in here, that is)
* there's a microwave
* there's sound on the computer
* it doesn't smell weird
* the chairs are adjustable (even though the desk isn't)

ugh. that's all the flow i can come up with for one night.

1 comment:

Ale said...

Wow, I don't think I agree with cleaning out the fridge. NEVER
that's horrible.